Resident Evil fans, rejoice! The undead franchise is rising once again from its grave, and this time, it's bringing a horde of new games with it. Capcom, the brilliant minds behind the revival, has been on a roll since the groundbreaking Resident Evil: Biohazard in 2017. They've treated us to a string of remakes, retelling the early years of the series, and even graced us with the spine-chilling sequel, Resident Evil Village. But now, as we bask in the glory of Village's conclusive ending and its enigmatic post-credits scene, we can't help but wonder, what's next for the Resident Evil universe?

Thankfully, the ever-reliable leaker, Dusk Golem, has come to our rescue, revealing that not one, not two, but five Resident Evil games are currently in development! Oh, the suspense! While Dusk Golem hints at one of them being the highly anticipated Resident Evil 9, the remaining four are shrouded in mystery. Fear not, dear readers, for we shall embark on a journey of speculation, guided by the series' rich history, Capcom's love for remakes, and the ceaseless whispers of the rumor mill.

Let's start with the obvious: Resident Evil 9. A brand-new installment in the series is undoubtedly on the cards, but what shape will it take? Based on the tantalizing epilogue of Resident Evil Village, all signs point to Ethan Winters' daughter, Rose, stepping up as our new protagonist. Rose, the valiant defender of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, is destined to wage war against bioweapons, just like her predecessors. The path she'll traverse remains a secret, waiting to be unveiled.

Now, with five Resident Evil games simmering in the cauldron of creation, it's highly unlikely that they're all part of the main series. If Capcom chooses to follow their current trajectory, the next logical target for a remake would be the somewhat controversial 2005 release, Resident Evil 5. This entry, plagued by unresponsive controls, an action-oriented approach, and problematic portrayals of Africa, could benefit from a remake's magic touch. However, let us not forget the untouched gem that is the original Resident Evil, eagerly awaiting a modern-day resurrection.

Another prime candidate for a remake is none other than the captivating spinoff, Resident Evil - Code: Veronica. Originally gracing the Dreamcast in 2000, this game follows the harrowing journey of Claire and Chris Redfield as they desperately try to escape an island prison. Lauded for its heart-pounding action sequences and bone-chilling atmosphere, Code: Veronica has long been regarded as a standout in the series. Whispers of its remake have echoed through the halls of speculation, and Dusk Golem's tantalizing comments suggest that it may not be wishful thinking after all.

But wait, there's more! The Resident Evil universe has expanded into spinoff territory, offering new avenues for gaming delights. With Resident Evil: Revelations and its sequel now available on modern platforms, the stage is set for Resident Evil: Revelations 3 to make its grand entrance. Additionally, Capcom has been tirelessly attempting to craft a multiplayer Resident Evil experience, most recently with the ill-fated Re:Verse. Yet, hope springs eternal for a co-op adventure akin to the beloved Left 4 Dead, perhaps in the form of a revival of the Resident Evil Outbreak spinoff series.

Alas, my fellow survivors, the future of Resident Evil remains veiled in secrecy. Dusk Golem has blessed us with their knowledge, but like any prophet, they are not infallible. Until Capcom graces us with an official announcement, we can only indulge in tantalizing speculation. Patience shall be our virtue, for if five Resident Evil games are truly in the works simultaneously, it may be quite some time before they see the light of day. Nevertheless, given the series' recent triumphs, we can rest assured that something truly monstrous is lurking just around the corner.

Source: KekanKok/Reddit

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