The team at Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have once again crafted a thrilling action role-playing experience with Rise of the Ronin. Prepare to be transported to a tumultuous era filled with strife and progress, where endless possibilities await those brave enough to seize the opportunity.

But before you dive headfirst into the heart of the game, there's the tiny matter of selecting your character's origin story. This decision will have a significant impact on the early hours of your adventure in Rise of the Ronin. If you're scratching your head, pondering which Blade Sharpening Origin suits you best, fear not! Let this guide assist you in making the right choice.

When creating your character's appearance, you'll also need to decide which of the Blade Sharpening Origins aligns with the Veiled Edges. Your choice will determine your character's initial abilities, special skills, and preferred weapons. So, let's explore the available options:

  1. The Killer: Mastering the way of the Veiled Edge, Killers are born swordsmen, instilling fear in their enemies with every swing. They start with the special skill of Repel Arrows/Bullets, making them adept at dealing with ranged threats. Their weapon proficiency lies in the Katana, Odachi, and Greatsword.

  2. The Breaker: Versed in the art of Ninjutsu, Breakers possess refined skills in wielding both Paired Swords and Bayonets. Their Rapid Assassination skill allows them to catch enemies off guard, swiftly dispatching them one after another. Cunningly utilizing the terrain brings its own generous rewards.

  3. The Seducer: Masters of charisma and charm, Seducers excel in efficient Ki usage, making them formidable wielders of the Polearm and Oxtail Sword. They begin their journey with the Speechcraft "Liar" skill, enabling them to manipulate conversations to their advantage.

  4. The Sapper: Embracing the Spear and Saber, Sappers possess a wide range of knowledge, essential for excelling as top-tier spies. Their starting special skill grants increased refill of Medicinal Pills, ensuring they begin with an ample supply of healing items, boosting their survival rate.

  5. The Beginner: For those unable to make up their minds, the Beginner possesses the capacity to learn a multitude of special skills. However, their lack of specialization means it will take them longer to reach their full potential. This option suits those who desire complete control over their entire journey.

  6. The Unsharpened: This Blade Sharpening Origin is meant for those who relish a challenge. Choosing this path means starting the game with no advantages, facing a tougher road ahead. With basic skills and lackluster attributes, players must put in extra effort to become strong enough to conquer the challenges in Rise of the Ronin.

Ultimately, the choice of Blade Sharpening Origin boils down to your personal play style. Stealth plays a vital role in open-world exploration, and instant kills through assassination prove invaluable against most enemies. Hence, the Breaker's starting skill of Rapid Assassination stands as one of the top choices. Sneakily eliminating a group of enemies becomes a seamless procession, leaving players unruffled. Moreover, the swift and powerful Paired Swords enhance both speed and potency.

Alternatively, the Killer or Sapper are also excellent options. The Killer grants you the ability to withstand ranged attacks, along with proficiency in a diverse range of weapons. On the other hand, the Sapper allows for more flexibility, thanks to the increased availability of medicinal pills. The Spear's superior range proves advantageous against other melee weapons.

As for the Seducer, the Polearm serves a similar purpose to the spear, but the Oxtail Blade demands finesse due to its focus on aerial attacks. Furthermore, the Speechcraft skill only comes into play during specific conversations, and its importance falls behind the other skills on offer. For those seeking a greater challenge, the Beginner and the Unsharpened Blade Sharpening Origins are the way to go. While the Beginner offers a more balanced approach, the Unsharpened is ideal for those yearning to prove their worth in the world, investing time and effort into nurturing their own ronin.

So, fellow warriors, choose your Blade Sharpening Origin wisely and embark on a journey of epic proportions in Rise of the Ronin. Unleash your inner samurai, embrace the way of the warrior, and carve your name into the annals of history!

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