As the self-proclaimed Sonic the Hedgehog aficionado at PCGamesN, I couldn't resist the allure of Rollin' Rascal. This high-speed 3D platformer, with its emphasis on momentum and vibrant, colorful landscapes to dash through, clearly draws inspiration from Sega's iconic mascot. But don't just take my word for it, grab the demo from the Rollin' Rascal Steam Next Fest and experience it for yourself—a wild ride awaits!

With its Kickstarter campaign smashing its goal and a slew of stretch goals on the horizon, Rollin' Rascal is a 3D platform game that truly knows what it's doing. It features the classic spin dash, rail grinding, and homing attack reminiscent of the 3D Sonic games. However, it also boasts an astonishingly sleek sense of style, a multiplayer mode, and a unique enemy possession system.

Playing Rollin' Rascal is an utter delight, thanks to its seamless movement mechanics and clever utilization of momentum. The game excels in its semi-open levels that encourage self-expression and inventive use of the movement mechanics in various ways. While it's not an open-world extravaganza, there are often multiple routes to explore and hidden secrets to discover, all of which test your mastery of the game's movement mechanics.

Many platformers claim they would benefit from more nuanced momentum mechanics, but Rollin' Rascal's Steam Next Fest demo proves that it gets it just right. You'll find yourself accelerating swiftly on slopes, effortlessly shifting between ball and running forms to maintain your momentum.

What truly sets Rollin' Rascal apart, though, is its innovative twist on traditional platforming. You have the ability to dive into enemies and harness their unique powers for yourself. Picture this: becoming an ultra-fast racecar-style adversary or a fierce brawler, à la Crash of the Titans. This feature adds a refreshing layer of complexity to the platforming experience and injects a dash of excitement into every jump and spin. And let's not forget the multiplayer mode, which combines the chaotic fun of Fall Guys with the exhilarating races of GTA 5 online. It's safe to say that Rollin' Rascal will have a thriving community long after its release.

The Rollin' Rascal demo is available now as part of the Steam Next Fest. Meanwhile, the Kickstarter page provides even more juicy details about this upcoming gem.

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