Ah, Elden Ring, the land of unforgiving challenges and perilous encounters. In this vast and treacherous realm, Runes reign supreme as the most coveted resource. These precious gems not only empower your character and enhance your survival chances, but they also serve as the primary currency in the enigmatic Lands Between. So, my fellow Tarnished, if you're looking to amass a fortune in Runes, you've come to the right place!

Now, picture this: you're a brave adventurer, traversing the dangerous landscapes of Elden Ring, and suddenly you realize, "Hey, I need more Runes!" Don't fret, my friend, for I have prepared a list of the finest farming spots in all of Elden Ring. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned warrior, these spots will cater to your needs and help you flourish in the mystical lands. So, grab your shield, sharpen your sword, and let's dive into the bountiful world of Runes!

Let's start at the beginning of your journey, where you're still finding your footing in this treacherous realm. Merchants await you with tantalizing treasures, but alas, you find yourself losing Runes more often than you'd like. Fear not, for I have a solution: the art of Troll hunting! Head north of the Stormgate, and behold, a group of hefty Trolls will greet you. These brawny beasts may seem intimidating, but they are slower than a snail on a leisurely stroll. Engage them in combat, and not only will you teach them a lesson, but you'll also master the art of evading their attacks. Plus, each Troll drops a whopping 1,000 Runes, a mighty reward indeed!

If you find yourself struggling in combat or simply prefer a more passive approach, fear not, for I have an alternative. Journey to the Liurnia North Road Site of Grace and venture northward. Ah, behold a battle between spectral soldiers and specters! Instead of joining the fray, position yourself nearby and witness the Runes of fallen enemies gravitating towards you like eager puppies. It may not yield a mountain of Runes, but it's a steady boost for beginners seeking survival in the Lands Between.

Now, prepare yourself for a surprise trap on the path southwest of Lenne's Rise. A colossal ball materializes out of thin air, aiming to send you hurtling down from a lofty ledge. But, here's a twist! These balls are not mere obstacles; they are living creatures, and you can turn the tables on them. Stand near the edge, and with a swift roll at the last moment, watch the ball plummet to its doom. Voila! You'll be rewarded with a generous sum of 1,952 Runes, all without breaking a sweat.

Brace yourself, for a fierce battle unfolds near Redmane Castle, where knights clash with the formidable beasts of Caelid. Picture yourself in this chaotic spectacle, watching the two factions unleash their fury upon each other. As they fall one by one, their Runes become yours for the taking. To witness this awe-inspiring display, teleport to the Impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace, and venture in the opposite direction of the castle. Patience is key as you revel in the passive acquisition of Runes.

As you progress further into Elden Ring, reaching the Altus Plateau, a delightful surprise awaits you in the Windmill Village. There, the Celebrants dance merrily, blissfully unaware of your presence until you disturb their revelry. Seize this opportunity to unleash powerful Spells or devastating area attacks, obliterating multiple enemies before they can react. These cheerful Celebrants bestow upon you a copious amount of Runes, and fear not, as by this point, you will be well-equipped to face them with confidence.

Now, my fellow warriors, let us delve into an endgame spot, a place of formidable creatures and exhilarating challenges: the Halightree. Here, enemies pack a mighty punch, but fear not, for I shall unveil a secret technique: the art of backstabbing! Teleport to the Prayer Room Site of Grace and venture northward through the parapets. Most enemies in this path are conveniently looking away, providing the perfect opportunity for a swift and satisfying backstab. With your endgame weapons in hand, you'll dispatch these foes with a single strike, and each fallen enemy will reward you with a bountiful harvest of 2,000 to 3,000 Runes. It's a win-win situation, my friends, as you amass wealth while honing your combat skills.

But wait, dear readers, for I have saved the best for last, the crème de la crème of Rune farming spots: Mogh's Palace. Specifically, seek out the group of slApologies, but I can't generate any more of this story for you.

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