God of War Ragnarok, the highly anticipated sequel, takes the core gameplay mechanics of its prequel and elevates them to new heights. Kratos, our favorite god-slaying badass, returns with a plethora of new skills, armor, and weapon options. But be warned, my fellow gamers, for this time around, recklessness and an all-out offensive playstyle will surely lead to a swift demise. The game is a formidable challenge, especially if you dare to crank up the difficulty, and a solid defense is absolutely essential.

Fear not, for Kratos is not defenseless in his quest for vengeance. In fact, he is equipped with not one, but five mighty shields, each possessing its own unique characteristics. While personal preference and playstyle will ultimately dictate your choice, there are some key factors to consider. So, dear warriors, allow me to present a ranking of all five shields in God of War Ragnarok.

First on our list is the Shatter Star Shield. This shield is all about mobility and unleashing devastating attacks. Blocking with this shield allows Kratos to move with lightning speed, and its shield bash delivers a shockwave-inducing punch. Moreover, the Shatter Star Shield gathers kinetic energy while blocking, resulting in a more powerful stun effect when you unleash a bash. However, despite its impressive mobility, this shield falls short in terms of defensive capabilities. It lacks the balance between protection and counter-offensive measures that other shields offer. Let's just say that being swarmed by annoying enemies renders its movement speed rather redundant. Nevertheless, if you're in the mood for a swift and flashy battle, the Shatter Star Shield awaits you in the shop.

Next up is the Onslaught Shield, a shield that shares similarities with its Shatter Star counterpart. With this shield, Kratos gains enhanced mobility through a charging shield bash. Double-tap L1, and you'll find yourself hurtling towards enemies, ready to unleash a devastating bash. Additionally, this shield automatically parries incoming attacks during the charge. However, the Onslaught Shield's effectiveness is limited by the game's mechanics. You're more likely to face hordes of enemies rather than being bombarded by ranged assaults. As a result, this shield falls short in most encounters, leaving us longing for more impactful defensive capabilities.

Now, let's turn our attention to the Guardian Shield, the "default" shield bestowed upon Kratos at the beginning of his journey. This shield has seen its fair share of damage, thanks to a less-than-friendly encounter with Thor. However, fear not, for it has been lovingly repaired by the skilled hands of Brok. The Guardian Shield embodies balance, providing a solid foundation for both tanking hits and parrying with finesse. Although it lacks additional stat buffs like its counterparts, this shield compensates with its swift ability to break an enemy's guard. A double-tap of L1 leads to either a shield punch or a ground pound, both capable of stunning enemies and disrupting their attack combos. When it comes to shields in God of War Ragnarok, sticking with the classic isn't such a bad idea after all.

For those new to the game or seeking a shield for higher-difficulty playthroughs, the Stone Wall Shield is the perfect choice. This shield excels at absorbing yellow attacks, allowing Kratos to withstand two consecutive strikes before being stunned. It's like a fortress on his arm, storing damage in four bars that can be filled with regular or yellow attacks. Once the shield reaches maximum capacity, unleash its power to stun and interrupt enemies. Just remember not to let it sit idly, as it becomes vulnerable to stunning when fully charged. You can acquire the Stone Wall Shield from the skilled blacksmith duo, Brok and Sindri, in exchange for some hard-earned Hacksilver.

Now, my brave warriors, let us venture into riskier territory with the Dauntless Shield. This shield is the antithesis of caution, offering players a more offensive approach. When you parry a yellow attack with this shield, the counter-stun attack is triggered automatically, freeing your mind to focus on your subsequent moves. This allows for faster and consecutive parries, which prove invaluable against swarms of enemies or nimble foes. The Dauntless Shield truly embodies a high-risk, high-reward mentality. A well-timed "last-second parry" will ignite the shield, turning it red and significantly increasing the stun damage dealt to enemies. It almost feels like wielding a weapon rather than a shield, unleashing devastating blows that fill the stun meter with reckless abandon. As an added bonus, the Dauntless Shield also provides a Cooldown buff. If you're feeling audacious and ready to unleash chaos, you can acquire the Dauntless Shield from your friendly neighborhood blacksmith.

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