Silent Hill, the quirky and effective series, has left gamers yearning for more psychological horror since 2012. Konami's loss of focus resulted in a halt of new games, leaving the original four as shining beacons of horror excellence. However, if you're up for a daunting task of emulation, you can delve into the bizarre and unexpected directions the series took. Let's explore the time investment required to experience the eerie delights of Silent Hill.

The Original Four: A Beacon of Horror Excellence:
The Silent Hill series offers a unique take on psychological horror, and its mainline games are worth your attention. With a total of eight mainline games, including the pseudo-remake Shattered Memories, you might be surprised at the variety within this rather specific premise. These games took the genre in strange directions, deviating from the psychological horror of their predecessors. So, if you're ready to immerse yourself, let's see what it takes and how long it will consume.

The Time Investment:
When it comes to good horror games, brevity is key. Luckily, none of the Silent Hill games are excessively long, with the lengthiest one clocking in at a mere 19 hours to complete everything. Surprisingly short, right? These games provide a welcome contrast to the lengthy contemporary titles that often overstay their welcome. Still, even 19 hours might be too long for the faint-hearted.

To experience the main stories of all the Silent Hill games, you'll need approximately 61.5 hours. But if you're a thorough explorer who wants to uncover every nook and cranny, including the parody endings, be prepared to invest around 107 hours. It's a commitment, but the twisted world of Silent Hill rewards those who dare to venture deeper.

Quirky Spin-Offs: Short but Sweet:
Now, let's talk about the spin-offs. Silent Hill takes a considerably different approach in this realm. These games are often shorter than their mainline counterparts and are primarily available on mobile platforms. Some of them even incorporate shooter elements for those who fancy that blend of psychological horror and intense action. Let's dive into the peculiar world of Silent Hill spin-offs.

You might have noticed an outlier in the table above: The Book Of Memories. Surprisingly, it takes longer to achieve 100% completion in this spin-off than it does to complete the entire mainline series. This unexpected entry is a dungeon crawler, allowing players to create their own characters and engage in multiplayer mayhem. Konami certainly threw a curveball with this one!

In total, if you decide to embark on the spin-off journey, it will take you approximately 26.5 hours to beat them all and a total of 149.5 hours to fully complete each one. However, if we exclude the time-consuming Book of Memories from the equation, the completion times drop to a mere eight hours to beat and nine and a half hours to achieve 100%.

Silent Hill is a series that embraces its quirks and takes players on twisted journeys through psychological horrors. While Konami may have lost focus, leaving fans yearning for new entries, the original four games remain as testament to the series' excellence. If you're willing to invest the time, you'll be rewarded with a unique and unforgettable experience. And don't forget to explore the peculiar spin-offs, where unexpected surprises await. So, gear up, brace yourself, and step into the unsettling world of Silent Hill.

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