In the beginning, finding Stones is a piece of cake. They're scattered all around, just waiting for you to scoop them up. But as you progress and your ambitions grow, so does your need for Stones. Suddenly, you find yourself yearning for more Stones than you can possibly acquire by manually picking them up or mining them. Fear not, my resource-hungry friend, for there is a faster way to amass a Stone fortune in Palworld.

Picture this: you're a budding adventurer, eager to create your first Stone Pickaxe. Time is of the essence, and you need those Stones pronto. Thankfully, the recipe is simple: five Wood and five Stones, and voilà! You're one step closer to becoming a mining magnate. Say goodbye to wasting hours swinging a pickaxe like a medieval peasant. Efficiency is the name of the game, my friend.

But wait, there's more! The better your Pickaxe, the more resources you'll mine. So, once you've gathered enough Stones to create Ingots, it's time to upgrade. Craft a shiny new Metal Pickaxe and watch as the Stones rain down upon you like a glorious meteor shower. It's a sight to behold, my resource-hungry compatriots.

Now, here's the real secret to Stone domination: automation. As you progress through the Technology tree, you'll unlock the coveted Stone Pit at level 7. Picture a structure nestled within the confines of your base, where Stones are born. For a mere 50 Wood, 20 Stones, and 10 Paldium Fragments, you can build this magnificent invention. And the best part? No more manual labor! Instead, enlist the help of your trusty Pals with the Mining trait.

Ah, the Pals. They're not just your companions; they're your workforce. Choose wisely, my resource-hungry friend, for their mining prowess will determine your success. Blazamut, Astegon, and Digtoise are the diamond picks of the bunch. With their high Mining level, they'll dig up resources like there's no tomorrow. But beware, my ambitious compatriots, for these Pals are elusive creatures, attainable only at higher levels. Fear not, though, for Tombat and Depresso make for worthy alternatives. They may not have the same level of expertise, but they'll get the job done.

Oh, and let's not forget the importance of organization. Place chests next to the Stone Pit, and assign Pals to carry and deposit the precious Stones into these treasure troves. It's like having your own personal Stone bank. With this system in place, you can go about your adventures and pursuits, knowing that your Stone supply will never run dry. From building majestic fortresses to crafting powerful weapons, Stones are the lifeblood of Palworld.

So, my resource-hungry comrades, embrace the world of Palworld and all its Stone-studded glory. Collect, mine, and automate to your heart's content. With your trusty Pals and an endless supply of Stones, nothing can stand in your way. Become the resource tycoon you were destined to be, and let the rocks of Palworld guide you to victory.

Palworld: Where Stones Rock Your World!

Platform(s): PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One
Released: January 19, 2024
Developer(s): Pocket Pair, Inc.
Genre(s): Open-World, Shooter, Survival

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