Ah, Super Mario Run, the unsung hero of the Super Mario franchise, has finally received some well-deserved attention after eight long years! Despite its mixed reviews, this mobile game continues to shine as a unique entry in the beloved series. The recent update has left fans buzzing with excitement, as it hints at an upcoming event that has everyone speculating. Let's dive into the world of Super Mario Run and explore its journey through the mobile gaming space!

Now, some might argue that Super Mario Run doesn't quite fit the mold of a traditional Super Mario game. After all, it's only been released for Android and iOS devices, leaving behind the dedicated Nintendo consoles. But hey, Mario is a versatile plumber, and he can adapt to any platform, right?

When it comes to mobile gaming, most titles follow the free-to-play model, luring players in with tempting microtransactions. But not our mustachioed hero! Super Mario Run boldly defies the norm and demands players to make a purchase upfront. A game that requires actual payment? How audacious! Nevertheless, this unique approach earned it mostly positive reviews, although it fell short of the astronomical scores achieved by its platformer siblings.

Sadly, Super Mario Run often finds itself overshadowed by its console counterparts, leaving it forgotten in the annals of gaming history. But fear not, dear readers, for Nintendo has not abandoned our beloved plumber. In a surprising turn of events, a new update has been released for Super Mario Run, promising "added features for an event" and the usual "various bug fixes." Oh, the suspense! Could it be the beginning of a grand Super Mario Run extravaganza? Keep those eyes peeled for more information, my dear fans!

Intriguingly, the previous update to Super Mario Run saw the introduction of the Wonder Flower from Super Mario Bros. Wonder, in a clever cross-promotion tactic. Could this enigmatic event mentioned in the patch notes herald another exciting crossover? Mario's world is full of surprises, and we can only speculate until Nintendo reveals its hand.

Now, Super Mario is not one to rest on his laurels. In 2024, we are in for a treat! Brace yourselves for an array of Super Mario-adjacent games that will make any fan jump with joy. First up, we have Princess Peach: Showtime, a Switch exclusive set to dazzle audiences on March 22. Prepare for a royal performance like no other! Then, mark your calendars for May 23, when the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remake graces us with its papercraft glory. And just when you thought the year couldn't get any better, Luigi's Mansion 2 HD will have you trembling with excitement on June 27. Oh, Luigi, you brave soul!

But wait, there's more! Whispers in the gaming realm suggest that Nintendo has something big up its sleeve. Rumor has it that a Switch 2 console is in the works, set to be unleashed upon the world in 2025. And where there's a new Nintendo console, there's bound to be a fantastic Super Mario adventure! Will we journey through a breathtaking 3D world akin to Super Mario Odyssey? Or perhaps we'll embark on another delightful 2D escapade, reminiscent of Mario Bros. Wonder or the iconic Super Mario Run? The possibilities are as endless as Mario's quest to save Princess Peach.

So, my dear readers, let us celebrate the return of Super Mario Run, the forgotten hero who has emerged from the shadows. With a new update teasing an exciting event, and a future brimming with Super Mario magic, it's time to dust off those running shoes and join Mario on yet another unforgettable journey. Get ready to run, jump, and laugh your way through an adventure that only Mario can deliver. Super Mario Run is back, and the world is ready to embrace our favorite plumber once more!

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