In the dark of midnight, when Gekkoukan High School transforms into the enigmatic Tartarus tower, the real fun begins in Persona 3 Reload. Armed with your trusty team of Persona users, your mission is to explore the tower's treacherous floors and vanquish the lurking Shadows. But beware, for on the 47th floor, an intimidating Gatekeeper Shadow named Servant Tower awaits, accompanied by its mischievous sidekicks, the Enslaved Cupids.

As you ascend to the 47th floor, the Servant Tower reveals itself, flanked by two Enslaved Cupids. To proceed, you must defeat the entire trio. But don't rush in blindly! Take note of their strengths and weaknesses to gain the upper hand and prevent the Servant Tower from summoning reinforcements.

Each Shadow possesses its own affinity to different attack types. Experiment with various attacks or enlist the help of Fuuka and her Persona to analyze their vulnerabilities. The Servant Tower, in particular, boasts an array of formidable attacks and abilities.

A thorough analysis of the Servant Tower reveals its unique affinities to specific attacks. However, the Enslaved Cupids are the real troublemakers, providing ample support to their towering comrade. These mischievous creatures can deal medium damage, posing a significant threat to Persona users weak against wind attacks.

To topple the Servant Tower, you'll need a Persona capable of dealing dark damage, as it is the Shadow's sole weakness. Additionally, having a team member who excels in physical-type damage is crucial.

While the Servant Tower repels electric damage, its Enslaved Cupid allies are susceptible to it. Exploit this weakness by deploying a member like Akihiko, who can dish out single-target electric damage.

But tread carefully, as wind-type damage poses a significant challenge. The Enslaved Cupids can cast Garula, a powerful wind attack, on a single foe, while the Servant Tower resists wind damage. Therefore, leaving Junpei and his wind-weak Persona, Hermes, behind is wise. Despite his prowess in physical damage, exposing him to wind attacks will only result in unnecessary setbacks.

Yukari, on the other hand, is an invaluable asset due to her Persona's resistance to wind damage. Although the Servant Tower also resists wind attacks, Yukari can serve as a supportive teammate, tending to healing and debuffing tasks.

Mitsuru, while effective, should be used cautiously, as the Servant Tower resists ice damage. Instead, utilize her skills in physical damage or condition-inflicting abilities.

When choosing your own Persona, ensure they are not weak against light damage, as the Servant Tower possesses Makouga, a powerful light-based attack. Having a Persona capable of single-target electric damage to dispatch the Enslaved Cupids and another with dark damage to subdue the Servant Tower is highly recommended.

The fight against the Servant Tower can be resource-draining if you allow it to continually summon Enslaved Cupids. Avoid getting too fixated on defeating the Cupids; instead, focus your efforts on taking down the Servant Tower first.

Attacks that target all enemies are a solid strategy. Utilize physical-type damage that affects all foes, as the Enslaved Cupids and the Servant Tower are both vulnerable to this approach.

Taking advantage of All-Out attacks is crucial. Knock down one enemy to gain an additional turn and exploit their weaknesses. Repeat this process until all enemies are incapacitated, then unleash a devastating All-Out attack.

Don't forget to buff yourself early in the battle, enhancing your defense and evasion. This will mitigate damage for a few turns and give you a fighting chance. Similarly, afflict the enemy with debuffs or conditions to maximize your damage output later on. Swiftly cure any enraged or confused allies to prevent loss of precious turns.

Now, armed with this knowledge, you can confidently face the Servant Tower and its mischievous Enslaved Cupids. Dance with Shadows, exploit weaknesses, and emerge victorious in Persona 3 Reload's exhilarating battle on the 47th floor of Tartarus!

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