Tekken 8: The Ultimate Mashup Unleashed

Like a Mortal Kombat uppercut, Tekken 7 introduced licensed guest characters, giving its roster a fresh and exciting twist. As we eagerly await Tekken 8, we can't help but wonder which iconic characters from various media realms might step into the ring this time around.

Guest characters always bring a spark of excitement, allowing us to see our beloved heroes and villains in a whole new light. So, who might make the cut?

First up, we have William Adams, the unsung hero from a Soulslike game that isn't made by FromSoftware. With his experience in battling supernatural beings, he's a natural fit for Tekken 8. Picture a stubborn Irishman who's also a demon-slaying samurai. Parries are second nature to him, making defensive maneuvers a breeze. And let's not forget the witty banter he'll engage in with the fighters, who are much smaller and less terrifying than what he's accustomed to.

Now, imagine the possibilities of a crossover between Tekken and Mortal Kombat. Easter eggs galore, endless pop culture references, and hilarious one-liners. And let's not overlook the finishing animations that would bring out the classic charm of actor-turned-champion Johnny Cage. Among the Mortal Kombat fighters, Johnny's hand-to-hand combat style fits seamlessly into Tekken's universe. Plus, we're dying to hear the jokes he has lined up for the Devil Gene.

Palworld, the latest craze with its battle-hardened creatures, has taken the gaming world by storm. When it comes to adding a female guest character, why not turn to this unpredictable phenomenon? Zoe Rayne, the fierce member of the Rayne Syndicate, and her pal Grizzbolt would be a fantastic addition to Tekken 8. Zoe's character design screams "powerful fighter," and she's just waiting for her chance to shine in this genre.

One of the core aesthetics of Tekken is the Devil Gene, allowing characters to transform into winged devil forms. And who better to embrace this than the cambion Raphael from Baldur's Gate 3? His intriguing lore and connection to Bandai Namco's game make him a perfect fit. Prepare for an epic clash between Tekken's devilish fighters and Raphael's shape-shifting abilities.

Speaking of villains, when considering the remake of Resident Evil 4, the obvious choice might be Leon S. Kennedy. However, sometimes the guests need to be compelling antagonists. Following the footsteps of The Walking Dead's Negan and Street Fighter's Akuma, let's welcome Jack Krauser to Tekken 8. This hardened army veteran and knife expert would bring a fresh dynamic to the roster, drawing inspiration from Resident Evil 4 Remake's success.

Devil May Cry 5's Dante missed his chance to join Tekken 7, but now he gets a second shot. The silver-haired demon hunter is a perfect fit for Tekken's fast-paced combat. With Capcom's history of collaboration, Dante's inclusion in Tekken 8 seems like a no-brainer.

And let's not forget the trio that missed their opportunity the first time around—Kiryu, Ichiban, and Goro Majima. These legends from the Yakuza/Like a Dragon series are practically begging for a beat 'em up crossover. Watching them take on Devil-Gened opponents would be nothing short of legendary.

Tekken isn't a stranger to guest characters from popular TV series, as Negan from The Walking Dead has shown. So, why not take a leaf out of Netflix and Riot Games' book? Arcane, the animated series, has been a massive hit, and Vi is one of its standout characters. Her badass fighting style is tailor-made for Tekken 8, and we can already envision spectacular Rage Arts that pay homage to the show.

In Tekken 8, the stage is set for the ultimate mashup—a collision of worlds, styles, and personalities. Get ready for an electrifying experience as your favorite characters from different realms clash in the ring. The boundaries of possibility are shattered, and a new era of fighting games begins. Brace yourself for Tekken 8: The Ultimate Mashup Unleashed!

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