In the fast-paced world of Call of Duty, collaborations have become the norm, with famous celebrities and iconic movies making their way into the game. However, one collaboration that has overstayed its welcome is The Boys. Despite its initial excitement, players are growing tired of the prolonged presence of The Boys in the CoD universe. Let's take a closer look at this love-hate relationship between players and The Boys collab, as well as the anticipation for the upcoming collaboration with The Walking Dead.

The Inception of The Boys Collab:

It all began in the previous installment, Modern Warfare II, where The Boys characters, Starlight, Homelander, and Black Noir, made their debut in the world of first-person shooters. Fans rejoiced, and it seemed like a match made in gaming heaven. However, the collaboration didn't stop there. In Modern Warfare III, A-Train and Firecracker joined the CoD family, albeit through a lengthy crossover. The Boys had firmly established its presence, but for how long?

The Waning Excitement:

As much as The Boys collab has been a treat for die-hard fans, the casual player base is ready to bid farewell to the superhero squad and set their sights on the future. The collaboration launched during Season 1 Reloaded, a dedicated event spanning four weeks, complete with challenges and rewards. However, the reception to the event has been less than stellar. Fans have criticized the lackluster camos assigned to the collab, although the animated camos managed to salvage some excitement.

The Tired Player Base:

Four weeks might not seem like an eternity, but in the fast-paced world of CoD, it's enough time for players to grow weary. One MW3 player expressed their exhaustion with The Boys operators, opening the floodgates for others to voice their discontent. The event became a hot topic for criticism, with one player brutally stating, "I think they've run The Boys into the ground now. They're probably done. The Walking Dead is next, and who knows what's after that. The event was lame, the event camos were lame, and the skins are cool if you watch The Boys and like the characters. I'm over it." Ouch, talk about a superhero burn!

Crucial Missteps:

The dissatisfaction didn't stop there. Players pointed out some crucial missteps in the crossover. One player vehemently demanded the inclusion of Butcher, a character that should have been present from the start. Others echoed this sentiment, highlighting the irony of not having characters like Butcher or MM in-game, considering their actual military experience compared to the super-powered heroes and villains. It seems like the developers missed a golden opportunity to add some gritty military expertise to the mix.

The Future Beckons:

While The Boys collab may have reached its expiration date, a new wave of collaborations is just around the corner. Season 2 is fast approaching, and with it comes the much-anticipated collaboration with The Walking Dead. Players are already buzzing with excitement, curious to see how their favorite zombie apocalypse characters will fare in the world of CoD. Will this collaboration breathe new life into the game, or will it face the same fate as The Boys?

The Boys collab in the Call of Duty universe has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for players. What started as a thrilling collaboration eventually lost its luster, leaving many players yearning for something fresh. The prolonged presence of The Boys has exhausted the casual player base, leading to widespread criticism of the event and its lackluster rewards. However, as The Boys prepare to make their exit, The Walking Dead collaboration promises a new wave of excitement. Only time will tell if this upcoming collaboration will reinvigorate the CoD community or fall victim to the same fate as its predecessors.

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