Helldivers 2 has stormed onto the gaming scene, providing players with a thrilling third-person shooter experience. Armed with an array of weapons and supported by heavy artillery, gamers plunge into a fierce battle against the robotic Automatons and insect Terminids. The objective? To secure victory for Super Earth and revel in the glory. With challenging enemies lurking around every corner, it's a fight for survival and conquest. However, amidst the chaos, one enemy seems to be causing unnecessary trouble for players.

The Terminid Charger, a formidable creature that strikes fear into the hearts of many, doesn't have to be as daunting as it appears. While Chargers may seem like hulking monstrosities, they can be easily dealt with if approached correctly. In fact, thanks to the wisdom of YouTuber Elbethium, players can now learn the art of Charger extermination, even when venturing solo.

The first step in handling a Charger is to isolate it from its cohorts. Chargers tend to spawn with an entourage of standard enemies, ready to swarm unsuspecting Helldivers. To overcome this obstacle, one must exploit the Charger's sluggish pace and thin out the crowd. Equipped weapons and well-placed orbital strikes become your best friends here, but be warned—don't throw grenades just yet!

Once the Charger stands alone, it's time to strike swiftly and decisively before reinforcements arrive. The easiest method involves a little grenade kiting. Lure the Charger around a conveniently placed rock, reducing its opportunities to unleash devastating charges. By targeting the weak spots underneath and the rear abdomen, Helldivers can cook grenades to perfection and deal significant damage. Although a single grenade might not be enough to finish off the Charger, the relentless bleeding caused by these explosive delights will eventually lead to its demise.

If you're feeling adventurous and have time on your hands, there's another method that adds a touch of risk to the equation. It involves baiting the Charger into charging at you and then deftly dodging its attack. This daring maneuver allows you to strike at the Charger's vulnerable rear weak point with your mightiest weapon. While this strategy may require more finesse and carry some potential drawbacks, it's a worthy last resort when grenades aren't readily available.

Of course, the arsenal of Helldivers offers various other means to dispatch Chargers, especially when utilizing the game's multiplayer matchmaking feature. Heavy weapons, which can be called in for assistance, prove to be particularly effective. However, their limited availability and longer cooldown times mean they should be saved for pivotal moments or missions requiring their use elsewhere. Nonetheless, the Recoilless Rifle stands out as a fantastic choice for coordinated parties. It may not deal as much damage as the standard disposable launcher, but its unique feature allows another Helldiver to pick up a backup rifle and speed up the reload process, resulting in a barrage of heavy damage capable of bringing Chargers down from a distance. This versatile weapon remains a popular option, even for novice players.

For those who prefer a more explosive approach, orbital strikes and barrages offer a devastating solution. However, choosing the right strike is crucial, as some are better suited for average enemies rather than heavily armored behemoths like the Charger. While it would be delightful to witness these abilities instantly vanquish Chargers, they remain resilient creatures that demand more than a single strike to neutralize.

In an ideal gaming world, one might expect enemies like the Charger to receive buffs as the game progresses, increasing their difficulty and keeping players on their toes. However, the Charger, despite its initial intimidation, is well-balanced in its current state. To add an extra layer of challenge without compromising its equilibrium, one possible enhancement could involve the addition of armor around its vulnerable rear weak point. This armor would only fall off after sustaining considerable damage, prolonging the battle but preserving the Charger's susceptibility.

All things considered, the Charger is an enemy to be feared in dire circumstances. Yet, once isolated, it becomes just another adversary with a bit more health than usual. While this can be said of any non-boss enemy, the Charger's exaggerated reputation may leave some players feeling slightly underwhelmed upon their first encounter. Although it's unlikely that the insect behemoth will receive a buff, minor adjustments to raise its difficulty would be a welcome addition. As it stands, players are unwittingly making battles against the Terminid Charger harder than necessary.

Source: Elbethium/YouTube
Franchise: Helldivers
Platform(s): PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows
Released: February 8, 2024
Developer(s): Arrowhead Game Studios AB
Publisher(s): PlayStation Studios
Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi, Third-Person Shooter
ESRB Rating: M
Prequel(s): Helldivers

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