In a move that left fans with a heavy heart, Capcom has bid farewell to two beloved Devil May Cry games on Steam. The original versions of Devil May Cry 3 and DMC 4 have vanished from the virtual shelves, seemingly forever. As we eagerly await the arrival of Devil May Cry 6, it's been almost five years since the last installment, and the itch to wield Ebony and Ivory once again grows stronger. Alas, for those yearning to experience the classics, luck has turned a blind eye, as these games have been unceremoniously delisted.

The Longing for Devil May Cry 6:
The echoes of Capcom's hack-and-slash action horror game, Devil May Cry 5, still resonate since its release in 2019. While a mobile spin-off, Peak of Combat, did make an appearance this year, information about a potential Devil May Cry 6 remains scant. It seems that Capcom's plate is brimming with Monster Hunter Wilds and, just maybe, either RE9 or a Resident Evil Code Veronica remake. However, despite the lack of a new release, the allure of Devil May Cry continues to captivate our hearts, albeit in unexpected ways.

A Farewell on Steam:
As of today, Thursday, February 1, both Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition and Devil May Cry 4 bid their farewell on Steam. A quick check on Steam DB reveals that both games have been given a solemn "publisher request" to be "retired," leaving no room for doubt that these games will never return to the hallowed halls of the Valve storefront. It's a moment of mourning for fans, as they bid adieu to these cherished titles.

Still, Hope Remains:
Fear not, for all is not lost! While the original versions of Devil May Cry 3 and DMC 4 have vanished, other editions still stand strong. Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, released in 2015, can still be acquired, offering a glimmer of hope to those seeking a taste of demon-slaying action. Furthermore, Devil May Cry 3 can be found within the HD Collection triple pack, a treasure trove containing the first three games in the series. So, even in the face of loss, there are still avenues to explore for the devoted fans.

A Bittersweet Legacy:
The original version of Devil May Cry 4 faced the wrath of fans, resulting in a "mostly negative" Steam rating. This backlash emerged when Capcom introduced Enigma DRM protection to Monster Hunter Rise. Frustrated by this unexpected turn, fans took to review bombing older Capcom games, including Devil May Cry 4. It's a poignant reminder that even the beloved can fall from grace when the gaming community feels betrayed.

The Interim Entertainment:
While we eagerly await the arrival of Devil May Cry 6, there are plenty of other single-player games to keep us entertained. Embark on new adventures, lose yourself in captivating narratives, and unleash your gaming prowess in a variety of immersive worlds. And let's not forget the tantalizing prospect of upcoming PC games in 2024, which promise to ignite our excitement to new heights. The devil may cry, but our gaming spirit remains unbroken!

As we bid farewell to the original versions of Devil May Cry 3 and DMC 4 on Steam, our hearts ache for their absence. However, hope flickers in the form of alternative editions, providing solace to die-hard fans. The legacy of Devil May Cry endures, even in the face of disappointment. So, while we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Devil May Cry 6, let us lose ourselves in the realm of gaming, where new adventures await at every turn. For all the devilish tears shed, the symphony of this beloved series plays on.

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