Sharing their cruel creation on the hallowed grounds of Reddit, this player unveiled their secret to achieving Critical Hits on rolls of 11 or higher. Brace yourselves, fellow adventurers, for I shall unravel the arcane intricacies of their build.

Picture this: the player adorned themselves with an array of mystical artifacts and enchantments. They boasted a "+2 Bloody Inheritance" and donned the fearsome "Sarevok's Helmet," a legendary headpiece that struck terror into the hearts of their enemies. A cloak known as the "Shade Slayer" draped their shoulders, exuding an aura of awe-inspiring power. But that was not all! Their arsenal included the "Bloodthirst" dagger, the "Knife of the Undermountain King," and the infamous "Dead Shot" bow. Even their very essence had been tempered by the gods, as they embraced the mantle of the Champion Fighter. And let us not forget the mystical elixir, aptly named the "Elixir of Viciousness," which further fueled their insatiable thirst for destruction.

But wait, there's more! The player's character had a backstory worthy of an epic ballad. They had delved into the shadows, mastering the ways of the Assassin and Gloomstalker, blending stealth and deadly precision into a lethal concoction. Three levels of Champion Fighter added a dash of martial prowess to the mix. To further augment their formidable might, they sported an eclectic collection of trinkets: the Surgeon Paralysis Amulet, the alluring Killer's Sweetheart ring, the volatile Caustic Ring, and the sinister Ichorous Gloves. And behold, an alliance with the Mindflayers had granted them the Cull the Weak ability and the Luck of the Far Realms. Their quiver overflowed with Arrows of Many Targets, each infused with poison capable of crippling even the most tenacious adversary.

With this unholy amalgamation of power, the player became an unstoppable force. Their enemies quivered in fear as they unleashed a storm of Critical Hits, their onslaught leaving naught but devastation in its wake. The player's character danced through battle, effortlessly dispatching hordes of foes with deadly precision.

As news of this fearsome build spread like wildfire, fans flocked to the comments section, their excitement palpable. "That is disgusting, lol! I love it," exclaimed one fan, their admiration mingled with a hint of wicked delight. Another fan, in awe of the build's potential, mused, "This would have to be game-breaking, surely?" The consensus among the masses was clear: this build had the power to turn the tides of battle, making encounters a cakewalk while simultaneously filling the player with a gratifying sense of triumph.

It is worth noting that the build's Critical Hit chance of 11, when combined with Advantage, resulted in a staggering 75% chance of landing a critical strike. Imagine the joy of watching enemies crumble beneath the weight of such devastating blows—a symphony of destruction orchestrated by the player's hand.

But here lies the question that each adventurer must ponder: What is the moral standing one seeks to achieve in their journey through Baldur's Gate 3? Does one wish to ascend to godhood, leaving a trail of shattered opponents in their wake? Or does the path of righteousness beckon, with honor and fairness guiding each decision? The choice, dear readers, is yours to make.

In the realm of Baldur's Gate 3, where battles rage and destinies are forged, one truth remains: the power to shape the world lies within your grasp. Whether you choose to walk the path of devastation or the path of virtue, may your adventures be filled with excitement, laughter, and the occasional Critical Hit that leaves your foes trembling in awe.

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