If there's one thing I've always secretly desired, it's a samurai Warframe. In a game known for its lightning-fast action and cutting-edge style (pun intended), the samurai archetype would fit like a glove. Especially since Excalibur, the game's poster child, wields a mighty sword. However, it appears that a Japanese-inspired Warframe is not currently in the works. But fear not, my fellow warriors, for there are other exciting prospects on the horizon.

In the latest Devshorts from Warframe, the creative director, Rebecca Ford, and Digital Extremes CEO, Steve Sinclair, delve into discussions about a potential samurai-inspired combatant. After all, Warframe is undoubtedly one of the best ninja games ever created.

"With the next four Warframes, none of them are samurai, I'm sorry," Ford admits with a mischievous smile. "But hey, we can offer you some cosmetics for now! Perhaps you've always wanted to make your Frames look like samurais."

"But I hear your pleas," she continues. "Based on our current planning, it's unlikely to happen this year. Maybe, just maybe, in the future."

As we eagerly anticipate the next Warframe, a pyramid-esque warrior named Dante was revealed during the January 26 Devstream. While he may not wield a jaw-dropping sword, he does unleash vellum upon his enemies, leading to a literal death by a thousand (paper) cuts. Dante embodies the classic mage caster style found in MMORPGs, and I must say, I'm already enthralled.

As a lover of all things vampiric, I've already indulged in the likes of Garuda and Revenant. However, I can't help but yearn for that futuristic Japanese aesthetic. As I mentioned in my Ghostrunner 2 review, it was my Game of the Year for 2023. I firmly believe that Digital Extremes has the creative prowess to bring this vision to life. So, let the campaign for a samurai Warframe in 2025 commence!

But until that day arrives, fear not! We have compiled a list of the best multiplayer games for you to enjoy if you've already completed Whispers In The Walls. And for those intrigued by Warframe's sister title, Soulframe, we have a comprehensive rundown of everything we know about the Soulframe release date, along with an exclusive TennoCon 2023 interview with Sinclair.

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The samurai dream in Warframe may be on hold, but with the ever-evolving world of gaming, who knows what surprises the future holds? Keep your swords sharp and your spirits high, fellow Tenno. The battle continues!

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