In the vast Dragon Ball Super manga canon, Piccolo and Gohan soar to new heights, fueling excitement for the future of the series. Piccolo, with his intriguing Orange form reminiscent of Lord Slug's abilities, adds a captivating layer to his character's development. The connection between Namekians like Piccolo and Slug, including their evil tendencies, rare mutations, and gigantification abilities, in the Dragon Ball lore, deepens the mystery surrounding their extraordinary powers.

As the Dragon Ball Super manga surpasses the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, both Piccolo and Gohan achieve remarkable milestones that are now officially part of the manga canon. The series' future brims with anticipation as Gohan returns to his formidable combatant form. However, it is Piccolo's attainment of the Orange form through the power of Shenron that truly captures our attention for an entirely different reason.

Piccolo's transformation into the Orange form brings back memories of his gigantification abilities during his reign as Demon King Piccolo. With this new form and enhanced skill set, one cannot help but wonder: does Orange Piccolo make Lord Slug canon?

In the expansive Dragon Ball universe, the Namekians, the green-skinned inhabitants of Planet Namek, are a peaceful humanoid alien race known for their creation of the Dragon Balls. While not every Namekian creates a set of Dragon Balls, many leave their home planet and become guardians of other planets. Long ago, the Namekians were a spacefaring race until a catastrophic natural disaster decimated their population several centuries before the events of Dragon Ball.

The sole survivors of this cataclysm were a nameless Namekian transported to Earth and Grand Elder Guru, the guardian of Namek during the Frieza Saga in Dragon Ball Z. The Namekian on Earth, sent there by his father Katas who perished on Namek, grew up isolated in a remote region, completely disconnected from his heritage.

As the Namekian explored Earth, he witnessed the violence and corruption of humanity, which tainted his soul. Despite this corruption, he aspired to become the guardian of Earth, learning from the then-guardian about the immense evil lurking within him. Through a process known as Fission, the Namekian separated his good and evil sides, creating Kami and Piccolo, respectively.

Piccolo, in his Demon King form, wreaked havoc on Earth until he was sealed away by Mutaito, Roshi, and Shen. Pilaf inadvertently freed him centuries later. Meanwhile, Kami became the Guardian of Earth. The lives of Kami and Piccolo were intertwined, ensuring that if one died, so would the other. Prior to his demise in a battle against a young Goku, Piccolo laid an egg that would give rise to his reincarnated self, Piccolo Jr., sustaining Kami's existence through their connection. Kami eventually won the position of Guardian of Earth, creating Earth's Dragon Balls in the process.

One of the most intriguing additions to the Dragon Ball universe is a non-canon character named Slug, who emerged during the early days of Dragon Ball Z in one of the films. Technically, the first reference to the Super Saiyan transformation occurred during the events of the Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug movie, where Goku battled the eponymous character, Slug. Slug, named after the planet where he was sent as a child before the catastrophic events on Namek, showcases the concept of certain Namekians possessing a rare mutation predisposing them to evil and susceptibility to dark influences.

These exceptional Namekians, known as "Super Nameks," are considerably stronger than their counterparts. King Piccolo/Kami serves as an example of such a Namekian, although his inherent goodness was preserved through Fission. The crucial difference lies in the fact that King Piccolo, having once possessed some goodness, still harbored affection for his children and displayed concern for his subordinates. In contrast, Slug, considering himself born purely evil, embraced darkness wholeheartedly, aspiring to conquer the Demon Realm.

Slug led an army of demons and conquered planets, freezing their surfaces to make them inhospitable for the original inhabitants. Being one of the few survivors of the Namekian mass extinction, Slug is incredibly old and past his prime upon his introduction. However, through telepathy, he discovers the existence of Earth's Dragon Balls and wishes for eternal youth. Unlike Piccolo, who grew up on Namek and was aware of the Dragon Balls, Slug, detached from his heritage, arrived on Earth clueless about their existence.

Slug's impact on the story echoes that of Turles, another film-only villain, who allows us to envision an alternate reality in which Goku never suffered a traumatic brain injury as an infant. Slug's initial storyline mirrors that of the Nameless Namekian. However, unlike King Piccolo, Slug believes himself to have been inherentlyevil from the start. This distinction raises fascinating questions about the nature of Namekians and their potential for both good and evil.

With the introduction of Piccolo's Orange form in Dragon Ball Super, fans speculate about the connection between this transformation and the Super Namekians like Slug. The Orange form, characterized by Piccolo's enlarged size and enhanced power, hints at a deeper link between Piccolo and the Super Namekians. While the manga has yet to provide a definitive answer, the similarities in abilities and physical appearance are difficult to ignore.

The concept of Namekians having unique mutations and transformations aligns with the established lore of the Dragon Ball universe. From the Great Namekian fusion of Kami and Piccolo to the Super Namekians like Slug, these variations within the Namekian race add complexity and intrigue to their overall narrative. It is plausible that Piccolo's Orange form represents a dormant power within him, inherited from the Super Namekians or an undiscovered aspect of his own lineage.

Further exploration of Piccolo's Orange form and its connection to the Super Namekians could unlock new possibilities for the character's growth and potential storylines. It could delve into the origins of the Namekian race, their diverse abilities, and their untapped potential. Additionally, this exploration may shed light on the true nature of Slug, his place within the Namekian lineage, and the broader implications of his existence.

Dragon Ball Super continues to surprise and captivate fans with its rich mythology and character development. The ascension of Piccolo and Gohan, along with the mysteries surrounding Namekians like Slug, adds depth and excitement to the series. As the manga progresses, we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the secrets behind Piccolo's Orange form and the exploration of the Namekians' extraordinary powers.