Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a burst of nostalgia as we unveil a thrilling revelation in the realm of Elden Ring! In the latest DLC trailer, a hidden gem from the past emerges, sending shockwaves of excitement through the Soulsborne community. That's right, my friends, Dark Souls 2's Bone Fist is making a triumphant comeback!

Fans are buzzing with anticipation as they relish the thought of proper hand-to-hand combat mechanics resurfacing. Memories of the beloved dropkick attack flood their minds, igniting a fire of enthusiasm within their souls. The return of martial arts builds has sparked a frenzy of speculation and strategic planning for the new dynamics that await in Elden Ring's gameplay.

Hidden within the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC trailer, discerning fans have unearthed a delightful throwback to Dark Souls 2. Amidst promises of new enemies and uncharted territories, it is this cherished feature that truly sets hearts ablaze. Oh, the wonders that await in this mystical expansion!

Now, let us take a moment to reflect on Dark Souls 2, a game that has left a lasting mark on the annals of gaming history. It is a title that has divided the masses, stirring both adoration and dissent. While some applaud its bold departure from the genre's core principles, others yearn for the familiar embrace of its predecessor. However, when it comes to the DLC, a harmonious chorus of praise reverberates through the community. Despite the differing opinions, there were certain mechanics in Dark Souls 2 that players longed to see in future installments. And lo and behold, their wishes are about to materialize.

Around the 1:55 mark of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC trailer, a revelation unfolds—a brand new mechanic, introducing the art of proper hand-to-hand combat. While Elden Ring already boasts a variety of fist weapons like the Star Fist and Caestus, none have quite matched the prowess of Dark Souls 2's Bone Fist. However, eagle-eyed fans have spotted a tantalizing dropkick animation, likely to be unleashed in the form of an Ashes of War.

The dropkick, a fan-favorite move from Dark Souls 2, was a signature attack of the Bone Fist in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC. Oh, how players yearned for its glorious return in both Dark Souls 3 and Elden Ring. Alas, their dreams of transforming the Souls arenas into martial arts dojos were shattered. But fear not, for FromSoftware has been listening intently to the community's clamorings, and at long last, the dropkick attack shall rise again!

Enthusiastic fans are overjoyed to witness the resurrection of their beloved mechanic, already concocting plans for their mighty "Kung-Fu builds." Speculation runs rampant as they ponder which attribute the attack will scale with, hoping for a perfect synergy with their Faith builds in Elden Ring. And let us not forget the iconic "Hadouken/Kamehameha" attack associated with the Bone Fist—a move that has become the stuff of legends. Anticipation hangs in the air, as fans eagerly await its triumphant return.

That said, a hint of skepticism lingers among some fans, considering that fist weapons haven't always been the most effective tools in the genre, apart from Dark Souls 2. While the inclusion of such a dynamic adds a refreshing twist to the gameplay, players yearn for it to be not only enjoyable but also a viable option for both the PvP and PvE aspects of the game. Oh, the delicate balance that must be struck!

So, my fellow adventurers, prepare yourselves for a thrilling journey into the realm of Elden Ring. The Fist of Fury has returned, ready to shake the foundations of combat. Let us embrace this newfound power with open arms, as we revel in the artistry of bone-crushing strikes and unyielding determination. The stage is set, the battle awaits—may your fists be swift and your souls be resilient!

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