Lelek, the first Mind Dimension Salutor players can acquire, proves to be an invaluable asset in combat and dealing with pesky enemy traits. With the power to reduce enemy focus and shield Wiktor from negative states, Lelek's presence adds a mighty punch to our hero's arsenal.

To find Lelek, Wiktor must embark on the quest "What We Leave Behind" after completing "The Mermaid City's Son." This quest leads him to investigate the place where his father met his untimely demise. Through thorough exploration and a conversation with the peculiar Upyr, Wiktor reunites with an old friend and sets in motion the quest to obtain Lelek.

Enter Wiktor's old chum, the ever-charming "Abaurycy Niedzic," who presents Wiktor with an opportunity for redemption. Their path leads them to the London Bar, where three troublemakers await a confrontation. Just before the brawl ensues, Wiktor catches a glimpse of a Salutor, tantalizingly teasing his senses.

In this epic clash, Wiktor faces off against three adversaries, with Abaurycy by his side. Timur, the leftmost enemy, possesses an Invulnerability trait that renders him immune to negative statuses. Fortunately, Bukavac can strip away this trait with a well-placed attack. Meanwhile, Selim, the middle foe, boasts a Recovery trait that steadily replenishes his health unless Upyr intervenes. Thanks to Abaurycy's aid, the battle remains manageable. Wiktor focuses on Danis, the troublemaker on the right, while the Salutors diligently remove the enemies' traits. Inflicting suffering wherever possible, our hero sets the stage for Bukavac's devastating "Bloody Wedding" attack.

As the dust settles, laughter fills the air, and the trio of troublemakers extends their gratitude to Abaurycy. A round of drinks later, they venture off to seek further mischief. Inspired by Wiktor's tale of the Salutor, Abaurycy spontaneously renames the bar "The Demon's Den." Eager to uncover more, Wiktor delves into the bar's traces, unraveling tales of wild parties that often end in pain or even tragedy for the unfortunate souls involved.

After a brief introspection with Upyr, Wiktor returns to Abaurycy, thirsting for more information. Through the "Share your Observations" option, players can inquire about the various discoveries made around the bar. Eventually, a light bulb moment strikes Wiktor, and the name "Lelek" resurfaces in his memory. Could this mischievous Salutor have attached itself to Abaurycy? With Abaurycy suggesting a night on the town, Wiktor follows, eager to witness another appearance of Lelek.

The trail leads Wiktor to the Elysium bar, where he must employ his Thaumaturgy skills to unravel its secrets. As he explores the bar, Wiktor uncovers Abaurycy's poetic side, along with the unsettling revelation that he wrote a blood-stained poem on one of the tables. A conversation with Abaurycy hints at a flaw, causing tension between the two friends. Yet, the truth soon emerges—Lelek's elusive presence is not tied to Abaurycy.

Leaving Elysium behind, Abaurycy ventures across the road, where two inebriated individuals are in the midst of an absurd altercation with a streetlamp. As Wiktor reads the traces scattered around the street, a realization dawns upon him—the influence of Lelek is strong here, blurring the line between imagination and reality. A clever remark defuses the situation, but it attracts the attention of two vigilant police officers, inevitably leading to a confrontation.

Both officers possess a trait that reduces incoming damage by 40%. Wiktor promptly dispatches Upyr to neutralize the left officer's trait while Bukavac targets the right officer. Once their traits are disabled, Wiktor focuses his attention on each officer, one after the other, to bring the skirmish to an end.

Following the encounter, the two drunken fighters head to a nearby bar. Wiktor suggests investigating the premises in search of Lelek's presence. With a little persuasion, the bouncer grants Wiktor and Abaurycy entry. Within the bar's confines, Lelek makes a fleeting appearance. Wiktor engages in conversation with a nearby individual named Danis, and itturns out he has seen Lelek before. Danis explains that Lelek often frequents the bar, playing tricks on unsuspecting patrons.

Intrigued by this information, Wiktor decides to stake out the bar, hoping to catch Lelek in the act. Night after night, he and Abaurycy patiently wait, observing the bar's patrons and trying to anticipate Lelek's next move. The atmosphere is filled with anticipation and excitement as they engage in conversations, gather clues, and piece together the puzzle of Lelek's mischief.

During one particularly eventful night, as Wiktor and Abaurycy exchange stories with the bar's regulars, a commotion erupts. Bottles crash, tables overturn, and the air is thick with chaos. Lelek's mischievous laughter echoes through the bar as he reveals himself, floating above the chaos with a mischievous grin.

Wiktor and Abaurycy spring into action, determined to capture the elusive Salutor. They collaborate with the bar's patrons, devising a plan to corner Lelek and prevent his escape. With the combined efforts of Wiktor's combat skills and Abaurycy's quick thinking, they manage to create a barrier that traps Lelek within their grasp.

Caught off guard, Lelek tries to resist, but Wiktor's determination prevails. He persuades Lelek to join his cause, promising a life of adventure and excitement. Lelek, intrigued by the offer, agrees to become Wiktor's ally.

With Lelek now on their side, Wiktor's journey takes a new turn. The mischievous Salutor brings a fresh perspective to their investigations, using his powers to uncover hidden clues and manipulate the minds of their adversaries. Together, Wiktor, Abaurycy, and Lelek form an unstoppable team, embarking on thrilling adventures and unraveling the secrets of the Thaumaturge world.

As their journey continues, Wiktor and his newfound allies encounter more Salutors, each with their unique abilities and quirks. They navigate treacherous dungeons, solve intricate puzzles, and face formidable enemies, all while forming unbreakable bonds with their Salutor companions.

"The Misadventures of Wiktor and the Mischievous Salutor" is a tale filled with humor, mystery, and unexpected twists. It follows the exploits of a brave hero and his eccentric allies as they navigate a world filled with magic and danger. Together, they uncover the truth behind the Thaumaturge's secrets and forge a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.

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