The Overwatch 2 community finds itself in a state of shock and awe as a mischievous Lifeweaver troll has discovered a diabolical method to consistently pull teammates off the map. Ah, trolls! Those special players who have haunted online multiplayer games since time immemorial. And yes, Overwatch 2 has its fair share of them, ready to make their teammates' lives as rough as a tumble in a washing machine.

Now, picture this: you're all set to play the game straight, aiming for victory, and suddenly, along comes a troll, a thorn in your side, determined to rain chaos upon your gameplay. The developers of Overwatch 2, aware of this menace, had the foresight to code Lifeweaver in such a way that he couldn't pull his teammates off ledges, protecting them from such torment.

But alas, trolls are crafty creatures, always one step ahead. Just when you thought peace was within reach, a new method of trolling emerged, courtesy of a certain Lifeweaver. Against all odds, this troll has managed to consistently yank teammates off the map, defying the devs' best efforts to prevent such shenanigans.

A frustrated player took to the Overwatch subreddit to vent their exasperation, sharing a recent encounter with the Lifeweaver troll. They captioned their post with a melancholic cry, "This is what I have to go through playing comp in Korean servers." Ah, the woes of competitive gaming!

Accompanying the post was a video clip, showcasing the dreadful trolling technique used by the Lifeweaver. With their abilities, they sow chaos and ensure their team's imminent defeat. Oh, the horror!

You see, Lifeweaver possesses a unique ability called Life Grip, meant to rescue teammates from dire situations and provide much-needed healing. In the right hands, it's a true marvel, a beacon of hope. However, this particular Lifeweaver has turned it into a weapon of mass annoyance, repeatedly dragging their poor teammates off the map. And to add salt to the wound, this travesty unfolds during a competitive match. The audacity!

The community, torn between frustration and amusement, finds itself in a paradoxical state. "I'm sorry this happened in comp, but if it were in quick play, I would have fallen out of my chair laughing," one player confesses. Ah, the twisted sense of humor that emerges in the face of despair.

But let's address the elephant in the room: the fact that this trolling occurs in competitive matches is what truly grinds everyone's gears. Sure, trolling your friends in a casual game can be a barrel of laughs, but tormenting your fellow teammates in the realm of competition? Unforgivable!

To make matters worse, players fear that this clip will inspire a wave of copycat trolls throughout the game. "Bruh, you shouldn't have shared this on Reddit. It's going to be in like 5 out of 10 of my games tonight," one player laments, foreseeing a bleak future of perpetual chaos.

Whether this method of trolling spreads like wildfire throughout Overwatch 2 or not, one thing is certain: this mischievous troll has made a name for themselves in the worst way possible. They have become the embodiment of chaos, the bane of competitive play, and a cautionary tale for all. May the Overwatch deities have mercy on our souls!

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