Welcome to Palworld, a game filled with an assortment of catchable creatures that come in handy during your adventures. These Pals lighten the load and make your journey through this fantastical world a little less lonely. However, not all Pals are created equal. In fact, some are so utterly useless that there's absolutely no point in catching them. Today, we're going to dive into the depths of Palworld and uncover the most useless Pals that you should avoid at all costs.

Currently, Palworld boasts an impressive roster of 111 unique Pals for you to catch, with more confirmed for future releases. Well, technically, there are a few more, but they're just the same Pals with different types, so we don't count those duplicates. Each Pal comes with its own active ability, which could range from being used as a weapon to serving as a trusty rideable mount.

But that's not all! Pals also have set worker skills and random passive skills. The latter becomes particularly important when deciding whether a Pal will be useful in combat or better suited for laborious tasks. Some Pals may not excel in fighting, but they might have exceptional worker skills that make them invaluable in your base. It's all about finding the right balance between combat and worker Pals to make the most of your time and effort in and away from your base.

Now, let's meet our first contender for the most useless Pal title: Rushoar. For the first two hours of gameplay, Rushoar might seem like a decent choice. It's one of the first mounts available, but sadly, it quickly fades into obscurity as you progress. The mighty Direwolf snatches away its crown as the fastest mount in Palworld, leaving poor Rushoar in the dust. Not only that, but Rushoar's only worker skill is mining, and even then, it's just at level one. Other Pals easily outshine it in this department. Its active skill of increasing mining efficiency while mounted is hardly noticeable, considering mining isn't exactly a tedious task to begin with.

Next up, we have Vixy. This Pal is akin to Mau in terms of niche usefulness. It boasts weak stats and feeble attacks, making it utterly pointless for combat. Sure, it can gather or farm, but there are other Pals that can do that job just as well, if not better. The only redeeming quality of Vixy is its active skill, which allows it to occasionally dig up Pal Spheres at a ranch. While this is incredibly handy in the early game, it becomes less significant as you progress and require better Pal Spheres. So, unfortunately, Vixy loses its luster as time goes on.

Let's not forget about Grintale, a mixed bag that falls short when it comes to capturability. As a boss, it's better off being defeated for parts than being caught. It may have decent overall stats for combat, but its Neutral type puts it at a disadvantage. Sure, its skill boosts its Neutral attacks while mounted, but it also exposes you to more danger. Moreover, Grintale's biggest drawback is its lack of appeal as a worker. It can only aid in gathering, which pales in comparison to other, more versatile Pals.

Ah, Hangyu, the controversial Pal that disappoints on many levels. Its stat combination is one of the weakest in the game, rendering it useless for combat. Yes, it can be used as a glider to soar through the skies, but we already have gliders and more useful flying mounts for that purpose. Hangyu's only saving grace, along with its Ice variant Hangyu Cryst, lies in their decent worker skills. However, even those skills are quickly overshadowed by other, superior late-game Pals.

Now, let's talk about Depresso, a fan-favorite Pal with limited usefulness in the game. Like other early-game Pals, Depresso's stats are disappointingly weak, making it utterly pointless for combat. Its active skill occasionally boosts its movement speed, but let's face it, that's not exactly a game-changer. As an early-game worker, Depresso's skills can be helpful, but it doesn't take long before other Pals outclass it in every way.

Moving on, we have Fuddler, another Ground Pal that falls flat in terms of combat prowess. Its active skill, which helps locate ore veins, might be helpful in other games. However, in Palworld, ore veins are easy to find, and their common spawn points are well-known. This skill might be useful while traveling, but if you're traveling light, you'll most likely ignore ore veins anyway. Fuddler does have some value as an early-game worker, but it quickly loses its shine, just like Hangyu.

Now, let's not forgetabout the infamous Squishy, the Pal that everyone loves to hate. Squishy is notorious for its abysmal stats and lack of any useful skills. It's essentially a punching bag in combat, providing no real benefit to your team. Its only saving grace is its cuteness, but let's be honest, cuteness can only get you so far in Palworld.

In conclusion, while Palworld offers a wide variety of Pals to catch and utilize, not all of them are worth your time and effort. Rushoar, Vixy, Grintale, Hangyu, Depresso, Fuddler, and Squishy are just a few examples of Pals that fall into the category of being utterly useless. It's best to avoid wasting your resources on capturing them and instead focus on the Pals that offer significant advantages in combat and valuable worker skills. Now, go forth and catch 'em all, but make sure to choose wisely!

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