In the sprawling city of Baldur's Gate, Act Three takes us to the Lower City, where hidden quests and enigmatic beings await. Among them is the Mystic Carrion, a strange and decrepit figure concealed within the locked-tight Philgrave's Mansion. Brace yourselves, fellow adventurers, for a perilous journey filled with unexpected twists and turns!

Unveiling Philgrave's Mansion:
Philgrave's Mansion, conveniently located near the entrance to the Lower City, holds the key to your encounter with the Mystic Carrion. But before embarking on this quest, make sure to save Oskar the artist from Act One, as his path intertwines with the mansion's mysteries. Once you're ready, the Mystic Carrion will present you with a series of risky tasks to undertake.

Enter the Enigmatic Mansion:
There are multiple entrances to Philgrave's Mansion, each with its own unique charm. The first, an apparently blocked-off doorway resembling solid stone, can be interacted with by someone skilled in the arcane arts. Unlock the secrets of the spell and dismantle it with a skillful check. Alternatively, a well-timed use of the Knock spell or the brute force of someone like Karlach can grant you access to the mansion.

But wait, there's more! Down the south-side stairs of the mansion, concealed behind a wooden crate, lies a hole in the wall. Shapeshift into something small and sneak your way through this hidden passage. Remember, dear readers, creativity and resourcefulness are your greatest allies in this adventure.

Thrumbo's Hideout:
Thrumbo, a vital character in this tale, lurks in a small house beyond the Heapside Strand waypoint. Leave Philgrave's Mansion behind and venture past the waypoint until you spot some vines. Descend with care, and you shall find yourself at Thrumbo's doorstep. Bloodstains on the ground will guide you to a mysterious wardrobe. Interact with it as if you were looting, and brace yourselves as Thrumbo leaps out, revealing a new twist in the story.

A Fateful Decision:
Thrumbo pleads for your compassion and assistance, for he is but a puppet under the control of the enslaving Mystic Carrion. Now, dear readers, the time has come to make a choice. Shall you obey Mystic Carrion and end Thrumbo's life, or will you stand against this tyranny and set Thrumbo free?

The Weight of the Dead:
Should you choose the path of righteousness and righteousness alone, defeating Mystic Carrion becomes your noble goal. Four jars, each containing a vital part of his body, hold the key to his downfall. Destroy these jars by any means necessary, be it dropping them from your inventory or hurling fire at them. Remember, dear adventurers, creativity knows no bounds!

Thrumbo's Hidden Secret:
As mentioned earlier, the Mystic Carrion's heart lies within Thrumbo himself. If you opt not to slay him, an alternative awaits. Stand by Thrumbo's side and convince him that Mystic Carrion's heart resides within him. A secret lair holds the evidence you seek, where the liver and brain of the Mystic Carrion lie in the Under City sewers.

The Quest for Mystical Organs:
To obtain the Mystic Carrion's Lungs, venture into the mortuary of Baldur's Gate's graveyard. Northwest of Basilisk Gate, a trapdoor awaits you, hidden at X: 31 Y: 21. Fear not, for no one watches over it. Inside, three rooms beckon, but the Jar of Mystic Carrion's Lungs rests upon the main table.

As for the liver and brain, they lie within a special location in the city sewers. Traverse the underground until you reach the Under City waypoint, then head straight west into the Passageway. A treasure trove awaits, but beware the undead army that materializes upon looting the chests. Triumph over the foes, and a hidden room to the right shall reveal the liver, brain, and the note that confirms Thrumbo's secret.

Rewards and Consequences:
Completing this quest grants you the coveted Torch of Revocation, a crucial item for the Free The Artist questline in Act Three. Choose your alliances wisely, for depending on whom you side with, rare and valuable treasures await. Mystic Carrion's defeat rewards you with access to unique and useful items, while standing by Thrumbo grants you the Crypt Lord Ring—a powerful artifact that bestows upon its wearer the spell Create Undead.

Ladies and gentlemen, the stage is set, and the secrets of Philgrave's Mansion and the Mystic Carrion await your arrival. Brace yourselves for an adventure filled with unexpected entrances, daring choices, and valuable rewards. Will you embrace the darkness or champion the light? The fate of Baldur's Gate lies in your hands!

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