In the vast world of Granblue Fantasy: Relink, there are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Among them are the elusive Silver Chests, which hold valuable rewards for those who possess the right key. These chests are scattered throughout two hub areas in the game, and they present a delightful challenge for adventurers seeking fortune and fame.

Now, let's embark on a whimsical journey through the mystical realms of Folca and Seedhollow, where these Silver Chests patiently await their unlockers.

Folca, the first hub area, is home to a myriad of hidden NPCs who offer optional missions for intrepid explorers. These missions provide extra rewards for your valiant efforts. But beware, for the path to the second hub area, Seedhollow, is barred by a formidable foe known as The Golem. Defeating this mighty boss is no small feat, especially if your team is under-leveled. Prepare yourself for an epic showdown!

To obtain the coveted Silver Key, you must complete the "A Lingering Regret" quest. Seek out the Nearly Retired Adventurer in Folca, who will task you with collecting 5 Golem Fingers. These rare items can only be obtained by vanquishing the Golem boss at the end of Chapter 6. Farm those fingers until you have enough to trade for the precious key.

Remember, the key to success lies in assembling a formidable crew. Utilize the powerful Crewmate Cards to unlock characters who possess the best chance against the Golem boss. On your first attempt, victory guarantees the Golem dropping a Finger, but subsequent tries may require additional battles. If fortune turns a cold shoulder, consider pursuing alternative quests.

One such quest, "Golemology 101: Desert Golems," is an excellent opportunity to farm Golem Fingers. Tackle this optional mission with your crew, and you'll soon find the Fingers needed to obtain the Silver Key. For those seeking a quicker route, vendors in the hub areas also sell Golem Fingers at a hefty price. The choice is yours!

Armed with the Silver Key, you can open any Silver Chest you come across without the need for further Golem Finger farming. Unlike their elusive counterparts, the Silver Chests are relatively easier to find. Seek out shades of blue in the sea of silver, guiding you to these treasure troves.

In Folca, venture along the path to the left of the stone bridge, crossing the wooden bridge above the creek. As you approach a cluster of buildings connected by a stone arch, cast your gaze below. There, to your right, nestled close to some houses, lies a Silver Chest, waiting to reveal its secrets.

Another Silver Chest in Folca awaits your discovery. Start at the tree outside the Blacksmith shop. Head right towards the first vendor building, and from there, continue into the bustling marketplace. As you near the end of the path, surrounded by vendors, you'll find the Silver Chest, patiently guarding its treasures.

But the adventure doesn't end in Folca. Seedhollow, the sprawling second hub area, boasts two more Silver Chests, concealed amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. The blue hues of Seedhollow may camouflage these chests, adding an extra layer of challenge to your quest.

In the heart of Seedhollow, where quests are bestowed upon brave souls, lies a central vendor. Behind this shop, to the right of two chatty NPCs on a nearby bench, rests a Silver Chest, beckoning you to uncover its mysteries.

From the same starting point, traverse the marketplaces to the left, passing the flower vendor next to the arrowhead-shaped statue. Ascend the stairs, navigating the arch-shaped hallway. Take a sharp right into an alley, and continue forward until you encounter a set of descending stairs. Descend two flights and there, at the bottom, you'll find the Silver Chest, ready to reveal its hidden wonders.

Opening a Silver Chest is like spinning a wheel of fortune. While the treasures inside are randomized, there are certain consistencies to be found. Each Silver Chest guarantees a bounty of Rupies, the game's primary currency, ensuring you'll have the means to acquire powerful weapons and essential upgrades for your crew.

Sigils, pieces of equipment that augment your party members' abilities, are also frequently found within these chests. Customize your character builds, molding your crew members into the perfect team for your playstyle. Unleash their maximum potential, and conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

So, fellow adventurers, heed this guide and embark on a quest to uncover the mysteries of the Silver Chests in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. With your wits, speed, and a touch of luck, these treasures will be yours to claim. May fortune smile upon you as you set forth on your grand adventure!

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