Ahoy, matey! Gather 'round, ye scurvy dogs, for I have a tale to spin about the treacherous path to the Sunken Goldmine in the open seas of the newly released pirate game, Skull and Bones. This hidden outpost, tucked away in the heart of Africa, holds a bounty of valuable items for those brave enough to seek it out. But beware, me hearties, for the road to riches is fraught with peril!

To find this elusive treasure trove, ye must navigate the rivers and coastlines of Africa, sailing alongside other ships and settlements that may prove to be friend or foe. It's a risky endeavor, but the rewards be worth it, me lads and lasses! As ye sail toward the Sunken Goldmine, keep yer eyes peeled for potential Skull and Bones contracts that ye can undertake by interactin' with the settlements along the way. A pirate's life is never without its opportunities!

Now, me hearties, make sure ye prepare yerselves afore embarkin' on this treacherous route. Stock up on repair kits and cannons aplenty, for ye shall find yerself in close quarters with many a potential enemy. We wouldn't want ye to end up as fish food, now would we?

To set sail for the Sunken Goldmine, follow the river channels north into Africa. The swiftest route from Sainte-Anne be to sail west and enter the canals of Harufu. Should ye find yerself at Ziwa Kubwa, ye've gone too far, me mateys! Turn back and recalibrate yer navigational senses. The Sunken Goldmine lies on the mainland's coast, but be warned, it's ensconced by smaller islands ye must navigate through. A true test of yer pirating skills, indeed!

Once ye finally arrive at this coveted location, ye shall find a merchant with a trove of blueprints in Skull and Bones. These treasures make all the perils of yer journey worthwhile, me hearties! Feast yer eyes upon the bountiful spoils:

  • The "Kraken's Wrath" cannon blueprint: Unleash the fury of the deep with this fearsome cannon upgrade, perfect for sendin' yer enemies to Davy Jones' locker in style!

  • The "Siren's Song" ship upgrade blueprint: Let the enchanting melodies of the siren call guide ye through the treacherous seas, granting yer vessel increased speed, maneuverability, and charm!

  • The "Cutthroat Dagger" melee weapon blueprint: For those up-close and personal moments of pirate glory, this wicked blade be yer trusty companion, ready to slice and dice any scallywag who dares cross yer path!

But wait, me hearties, there be more! Hidden within the Sunken Goldmine itself, ye can discover the coveted Cutthroat Secrets Treasure Map. Approach the Cookery from the merchant's direction, and with a sharp right turn, ascend the hill. There, ye shall find a glowing light, markin' the spot where this treasure map lies. A whole new adventure awaits ye once ye've plundered the riches of the Sunken Goldmine!

So, me fellow buccaneers, gather yer crew, hoist the sails, and set forth on a grand quest for wealth and glory! The Sunken Goldmine in Skull and Bones beckons, ready to test yer mettle and reward yer daring. But remember, in the pirate's life, danger lurks at every turn. May the winds be at yer back, and may yer cannons find their mark as ye set sail on this unforgettable voyage!

Platform(s): PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows
Developer(s): Ubisoft Singapore
Publisher(s): Ubisoft
Genre(s): Action-Adventure
ESRB Rating: M
How Long To Beat: 6 hours

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