In the vast world of Palworld, there exists a little-known secret that only a few players are privy to. It's a secret that involves a delightful treat known as Cotton Candy, a food that never expires and holds great value on your journeys. Not only that, but this sugary delight also significantly boosts the SAN (Sanity) of your Pals. So, my fellow adventurers, let me guide you on how to obtain this precious commodity in Palworld.

There are two methods at your disposal, with the first paving the way for the second. Let's dive into each of these methods and unravel the mysteries behind them.

The first method, albeit more time-consuming, involves acquiring Cotton Candy as loot from a mischievous creature called Woolipop. You have the option to either defeat or capture this Pal, but I highly recommend adding it to your Paldeck collection. Why, you ask? Well, because this leads us to the second method. Finding Woolipop is not a daunting task, and if you glance at the screenshot above, you'll discover the various spawning locations of this delightful Pal. Capturing it is a breeze as well, as Woolipop is usually found at lower levels. Even with the humblest of Pal Spheres, your chances are quite high.

Now, here's the sweetest part—regardless of whether you defeat or capture Woolipop, the chance of obtaining Cotton Candy is a delightful 100%! And that's not all. You can also obtain Woolipop through breeding different Pals. Allow me to present you with the magical combinations:

Once you have successfully caught or bred a Woolipop, it's time to move on to the second method of acquiring Cotton Candy.

The second method is a more efficient and self-sustaining approach. It involves producing Cotton Candy right at your own base. To accomplish this sugary feat, you'll need two essential components: Woolipop and a Ranch. If you navigate to your Paldeck and locate Woolipop, you'll notice that it possesses an innate talent for farming. This talented Pal is capable of producing the delectable treat we all crave—Cotton Candy. Simply place Woolipop on your Ranch, and watch as it tirelessly and passively churns out this delightful consumable.

To embark on this endeavor, you'll first need to construct a Ranch. Fear not, my friends, for this is a straightforward task. The Ranch becomes available to you once you reach level 5. Unlock it in the Technology tab using your hard-earned Technology Points. Once unlocked, gather the following resources to build your very own Ranch:

Now that your Ranch stands proudly, it's time to assign Woolipop to work its magic within your base. In the unlikely event that this Pal refuses to head to the Ranch immediately, simply scoop it up and carry it over to its designated abode. With a little effort, you can even create a separate base solely dedicated to a cluster of Ranches, accompanied by a team of ten diligent Woolipop. This setup will ensure a constant supply of heavenly Cotton Candy.

So, my fellow Palworld enthusiasts, armed with this newfound knowledge, embark on your quests with the sweet secret of Cotton Candy tucked away in your pockets. Let the flavors of this delectable treat fuel your adventures as you traverse the vast open-world, engage in thrilling shootouts, and strive to survive in this captivating realm.

Platform(s): PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One
Released: January 19, 2024
Developer(s): Pocket Pair, Inc.
Publisher(s): Pocket Pair, Inc.
Genre(s): Open-World, Shooter, Survival

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