Step into a world where history intertwines with the whimsical and the epic battles of Age of Empires are infused with the spirit of anime. The Touhou Empires, a thrilling new RTS game, has arrived to inject a dose of animated excitement into the strategy genre. And to make the experience even more captivating, the game features a stunning score composed by none other than Yuka Kitamura, renowned for her work on Dark Souls and Elden Ring. With a free demo available during Steam Next Fest, this is a fusion you simply can't miss.

Picture this: you start with just a handful of villagers, ready to embark on a journey to gather resources and construct your city. But here's the twist – the Touhou Project characters have joined the party! If you're unfamiliar with Touhou, it all began in the '90s as a series of bullet hell shoot-em-ups created by the talented solo developer Jun'ya 'ZUN' Ota. Since then, it has evolved into a sprawling franchise that continues to captivate fans to this day.

The Touhou Empires seamlessly blends the beloved gameplay mechanics of Age of Empires with the iconic characters from the Touhou Project series. Take control of hero units Reimu and Marisa, with a small shrine as your starting point, accompanied by loyal worker fairies eager to fulfill your every command. Send them out to collect resources like wood, crystals, and wine. Then, utilize these resources to expand your city by constructing housing, training combat units, and fortifying your defenses with walls and towers.

In my time with the demo, I discovered that The Touhou Empires delivers on all fronts. The controls are as responsive as you'd hope, with a simple 'left click to select, right click to move' setup. You'll find convenient hotkeys to swiftly construct buildings and recruit units on the fly. And to streamline your operations, set up spawn waypoints so that new units can jump straight into action.

But that's not all – The Touhou Empires offers a vast array of characters from the Touhou Project series, each with their own unique abilities, showcased through trademark spell cards. With multiple factions and specialized units to explore, the battlefield comes alive with a tapestry of spellbinding encounters.

The Touhou Empires demo is now available on Steam as part of the thrilling Steam Next Fest, running until Monday, February 12. Head over to the game's store page, download it, and add it to your wishlist. Prepare to be whisked away on an adventure that combines the best of anime and epic strategy.

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In The Touhou Empires, history and anime collide, forging a captivating experience that will leave strategy enthusiasts and anime fans alike clamoring for more. Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? The battle awaits, so gather your troops and claim your place in The Touhou Empires!

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