Before you can embark on your noble quest for water, you must first save the Carpenter NPC. This skilled artisan can be found languishing in an Ancient Vault, a place so mysterious that even the vendors have given it a name. This Vault lies due east of your base, but alas, you cannot simply stroll there like a carefree butterfly. No, my friend, the lands beneath the Vault are shrouded in a fog so treacherous that it would make even the bravest of souls tremble. To reach your destination, you must acquire a Glider, a contraption that will allow you to soar above the deadly mist.

But let me warn you, dear reader, the Ancient Vault - Carpenter is no walk in the park. It is a dungeon teeming with perils and pitfalls, where danger lurks around every corner. Enemies, traps, and other obstacles conspire to bring about your untimely demise. It is a test of skill and cunning, a battle of wits against the forces of darkness. So, tread carefully, my friend, for your character's life hangs in the balance.

Once you have triumphed over the trials of the Ancient Vault, you shall be rewarded with the Carpenter's favor. But do not rejoice just yet, for your journey has only just begun. The Carpenter requires a set of Masonry Tools to fashion a Well, and the only place to find such tools is the infamous Pillars of Creation dungeon. This treacherous location lies northeast of your humble abode, nestled near the Glimmer Rock Mine. To expedite your travels, take advantage of a fast travel point close to the Pillars and arrive at this landmark with haste and a plethora of supplies.

Prepare yourself, dear adventurer, for the Pillars of Creation is not for the faint of heart. Within its depths, you shall face an Inner Sanctum filled with enemies and traps that would make a seasoned explorer quiver. But press on, for deep within the dungeon lies the Research Camp, a haven of knowledge and invaluable resources. One of the tents within this sanctuary holds the coveted Masonry Tools, along with other useful implements and a Lore book that hints at further quests. Seize these treasures, my friend, for they are the key to unlocking the Well's potential.

With the Masonry Tools in hand, you can now craft two types of Wells from the Carpenter's menu. Behold, the Water Well and the Improved Water Well! These marvels of engineering require a multitude of resources, but fear not, for they shall be yours once you possess the tools. In the harsh wilderness of Enshrouded, where thirst debuffs assail your character, both Wells are a worthy investment.

The humble Water Well demands 20 Linen, 100 Stone, and 1 Wooden Bucket. It is a simple structure, providing you with a steady supply of water. But if you seek something more, something grander, then the Improved Water Well is the answer. This magnificent creation calls for 20 Linen, 100 Sandstone, 1 Wooden Bucket, and 2 Iron Bars. Ah, the Iron Bars, a testament to your prowess as a gatherer and craftsman. But do not forget the Wooden Bucket, a common Carpenter recipe that requires 2 Wood Planks, 1 Metal Sheet, and 1 Charcoal. It is this humble vessel that shall carry the life-giving liquid within Enshrouded's arid landscape.

Now, my dear reader, let me illuminate the distinction between these two Wells. While the Water Well provides an ample supply of water, it pales in comparison to the depths of the Improved Water Well. The standard Well is perfect for areas where water is abundant, a reliable companion in times of need. However, the Improved Well, ah, the Improved Well knows no bounds. It can be placed anywhere on the map, bringing forth water from even the most desolate of locations. It is a testament to human ingenuity, a beacon of hope in a world plagued by thirst.

Crafting a Well in Enshrouded may seem simple, but finding the perfect spot for this life-giving structure is an art in itself. Picture, if you will, a sun-drenched oasis amidst the sprawling desert, a place where the weary traveler can quench their parched throat and rejuvenate their spirit. The Well, standing proudly in the center, its cool waters beckoning all who dare to approach. Perhaps it is nestled beneath the shade of a majestic palm tree, its fronds whispering secrets in the gentle breeze. Or maybe it is perched atop a rocky outcrop, defying gravity itself as it defies the thirst of its grateful beneficiaries. The choice, dear adventurer, is yours to make.

But do not be hasty in your decision, for the location of your Well can mean the difference between life and death. Seek out the hidden corners of Enshrouded, explore its vast landscapes, and discover the hidden gems that lie in wait. Picture, if you will, a Well nestled within a forgotten cave, its crystal-clear waters reflecting the stalactites above. Or envision a Well atop a mighty waterfall, its cascading waters merging with the tumultuous currents below. The possibilities are endless, dear reader, limited only by your imagination and the vastness of Enshrouded itself.

In conclusion, dear adventurer, the quest for water in Enshrouded is not to be taken lightly. It demands bravery, resourcefulness, and a touch of artistry to bring forth the life-giving liquid from the depths of the earth. The Carpenter NPC, the Ancient Vault, the Pillars of Creation, and the Masonry Tools are but stepping stones on this grand journey. With perseverance and a bit of luck, you shall triumph over the trials and tribulations that stand in your way. So, grab your Glider, equip your Masonry Tools, and let the quest for the perfect Well begin. May your thirst be quenched and your spirit soar high in the boundless world of Enshrouded.

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S
Released: January 24, 2024
Developer(s): Keen Games
Publisher(s): Keen Games
Genre(s): Open-World, Survival, Crafting, Action RPG
ESRB: Rating Pending

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