The TMNT collaboration was teased by Fortnite during the early days of Chapter 5. Cinematic trailers dropped tantalizing hints, leaving players to eagerly anticipate the arrival of the heroes in a half shell. Eventually, the TMNT bundle was released in December, featuring the fearless foursome: Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael.

Now, the TMNT is back in full force, and they've brought along an event pass, free rewards, and a collection of new TMNT mythic weapons. But that's not all—Epic Games decided to break out the big guns by bringing back the Driftboards! These high-flying hoverboards haven't graced the game since the OG days of Chapter 4 Season. It's time to wax those boards and get ready for an epic ride!

Fortnite offers various modes of transportation, including ziplines and cars, but the Driftboards take things to a whole new level. Players can now surf the map, catching air and performing sick tricks wherever their hearts desire. It's time to shred the slopes and carve up the competition!

There are a total of 20 Driftboards scattered across the map, with most of them congregating at the adrenaline-fueled Reckless Railways. These boards are waiting to be discovered, offering players a ticket to extreme mobility. Each location has a varying number of Driftboards available, so keep your eyes peeled for these gnarly rides as you navigate Fortnite's vast terrain.

Now, let's dive into the juicy details and unveil the hidden locations of the TMNT Driftboards. Get ready to embark on a radical adventure:

  1. Cowabunga Corner: This prime spot holds four Driftboards, perfect for a friendly turtle race or a solo joyride. Don't forget to grab a slice of pizza for extra energy!

  2. Sewer Slide: Located beneath Tilted Towers, this hidden sewer entrance conceals three Driftboards. Watch out for the Foot Clan—rumor has it they've been lurking around!

  3. Shell Street: Cruise down this street in Retail Row to discover two Driftboards. The TMNT would approve of this radical alley.

  4. Splinter's Secret Spot: Deep within Salty Springs, you'll stumble upon a secret hideout. Hidden amongst the crates are two Driftboards, waiting for the chosen ones to uncover them.

  5. Turtle Tunnels: Dive into the depths of Coral Castle and explore the mysterious underwater tunnels. Hidden within, you'll find two Driftboards, just waiting to make a splash.

  6. Foot Fortress: Beware, brave adventurers, for this treacherous location near Catty Corner is swarming with Foot Clan warriors. If you're courageous enough to face them, you'll find two Driftboards as your reward.

  7. Rooftop Raceway: Ascend to the heights of Lazy Lake and discover the thrill of rooftop racing. Amidst the skyline, you'll find two Driftboards, ready to take you on a breathtaking journey.

  8. Sewer Skateshop: Venture to the depths of Slurpy Swamp, where an abandoned skateshop has become a hidden gem. Hidden amongst the ramps are two Driftboards, longing for someone to pull off gravity-defying tricks.

  9. Shell's Shanty: This quaint shack in Misty Meadows is home to a solitary Driftboard. Take a break from the chaos and enjoy a peaceful ride through the meadows.

  10. Shell Shocked Shipyard: Explore the outskirts of Dirty Docks to discover a forgotten shipyard. Amongst the rusted containers, you'll find a single Driftboard waiting to be claimed.

Unlike other modes of transportation in Fortnite, the Driftboards can only accommodate one player at a time. While riding solo, you'll have to rely on your own instincts and navigate the map in silence. But fear not, for the thrill of the ride and the freedom to explore the world at your own pace will make it all worthwhile.

Remember, this TMNT event won't last forever. The curtain will fall on February 27, marking the end of the Driftboards, the NPCs, the event pass, and more. So, grab your board, embrace the turtle power within you, and make the most out of this radical collaboration while you can.

For more information about this epic TMNT event, be sure to check out the following guides:

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