In the vast realm of Elden Ring, where danger lurks around every corner, players are bestowed with a vast array of gravity-defying skills. Among them, one spell stands out like a celestial beacon: the Collapsing Stars spell. It possesses a power that can turn the tide of battle, making it a coveted addition to any player's arsenal. Brace yourselves, for we are about to explore the secrets of this magnificent spell.

The Collapsing Stars spell is a force to be reckoned with, capable of creating immense magical spheres that draw enemies towards you. It's a gravitational vortex of destruction, pulling foes into its cosmic embrace. But that's not all - the spheres themselves are infused with deadly energy, inflicting pain upon contact and swiftly dispatching enemies before they even feel the full pull of gravity's grip.

Imagine the possibilities! With the Collapsing Stars spell at your disposal, you can effortlessly bring enemies closer for a devastating attack, or pick off weakened foes from a safe distance. It's a versatile tool that can turn the tide in your favor, but acquiring this elusive spell is no easy task. Prepare yourself for a perilous journey into the depths of an inconspicuous dungeon.

To uncover the Collapsing Stars spell in Elden Ring, intrepid players must venture to the eastern reaches of the mystical land known as Caelid and descend into the treacherous War-Dead Catacombs. Hidden within the confines of this foreboding labyrinth lies a small chest, patiently awaiting discovery. It holds the secrets to the Collapsing Stars spell, a reward for those brave enough to traverse its eerie corridors. Fear not, for I shall guide you through this perilous path step by step:

  1. Set forth towards the eastern part of Caelid, where the War-Dead Catacombs lie in wait.
  2. Venture deep into the catacombs, delving into the darkness that shrouds its winding passages.
  3. Keep a keen eye on your surroundings, for the spell awaits in a humble chest, nestled on the left side of the dungeon. Its unassuming presence belies the power it holds, so be sure not to overlook it.

Rejoice, for you have obtained the coveted Collapsing Stars spell! However, before you can unleash its celestial might, you must meet the spell's demanding requirement of 36 Intelligence. It is no small feat, but once you attain this threshold, prepare to wield the power of the cosmos itself.

When the Collapsing Stars spell is cast, it conjures several colossal spheres that soar through the air, wreaking havoc upon your foes. These spheres possess both range and force, dealing substantial damage from a distance and irresistibly drawing enemies towards you. Picture the chaos as multiple adversaries are ensnared in the spell's grip, helplessly drawn towards their impending doom. However, do take note that if a target is directly in your line of fire, all the projectiles will converge upon that single unfortunate soul. And should an obstacle or another enemy obstruct the path of your intended target, the gravitational pull may be thwarted.

The Collapsing Stars spell is a testament to the wonders of Elden Ring's mystical realm. It grants players the power to manipulate the very fabric of gravity, unleashing cosmic chaos upon their adversaries. With its immense potential to control the flow of battle, it is a spell that should not be taken lightly.

So, fellow adventurers, prepare yourselves for an epic quest into the depths of the War-Dead Catacombs. Unlock the secrets of the Collapsing Stars spell and wield its celestial might with finesse. Let the spheres of cosmic energy dance through the air, drawing enemies closer as they succumb to their celestial fate. Elden Ring awaits, and with the Collapsing Stars spell in your grasp, the cosmos itself shall tremble before your might.

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