Before embarking on the epic journey to scale Mt. Nibel with the legendary Sephiroth in the captivating demo of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, there are a few essential settings you should consider tweaking. While some settings are fine to leave untouched, others, like the graphics options, demand your undivided attention before diving into the world of Rebirth. Yes, my dear adventurers, we recommend focusing on the Graphics setting over Performance, and allow us to enlighten you as to why.

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Now, keep in mind that these settings should also be present in the full game when it launches on that fateful day, February 29. However, we cannot guarantee that your meticulously tweaked settings will transfer seamlessly from the demo to the full game. Therefore, make note of your precious adjustments before embarking on the grand adventure of Rebirth later this month.

Rest assured, we shall update this delightful guide to reflect any additional settings or other considerations once Final Fantasy VII Rebirth blesses us with its presence on PS5 on February 29.

Ah, let us now dive into the heart of the matter. By default, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's demo (and likely the full game) sets its graphics to "Performance" mode, which grants you high frame rates. While this may make combat feel sharp as a Chocobo's beak, it comes at the cost of visual fidelity, my dear comrades. Hence, we, the scribes of Kotaku, wholeheartedly recommend switching to the majestic "Graphics" mode. You can make this glorious transformation even before stepping foot into the playable part of the game. After launching the game, select Options in the main menu, navigate to the Graphics section, and embrace the divine beauty of Graphics under Optimization.

During your exhilarating gameplay, you can change this wondrous setting by pressing the menu button, selecting "System," and then graciously choosing "Options." Yes, my friends, Graphics mode may result in a slightly lower frame rate, but the upgrade in visual fidelity is an enchanting trade-off.

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Now, let us delve deeper into the realm of Rebirth. Performance mode, as I have discovered, bestows upon us a softer image and, on rare occasions, a hint of jitteriness during certain animations—especially when the camera decides to take us on a vibrant dance. As evidenced in the demo, Rebirth is an exquisitely narratively-driven game, one that prides itself on showcasing beautiful visuals to illuminate its characters and environments. Sacrificing this visual clarity, particularly on your initial journey through this magnificent world, is not the most splendid way to experience the wonders that Rebirth has to offer.

Ah, but fret not, for Rebirth bestows upon us two different combat modes to choose from. In the splendid realm of Rebirth, you can opt for the Active mode, where you are responsible for inputting the commands to smite your enemies with righteous fury. Alternatively, you may embrace the Classic mode, where the character you control at any given moment will automatically unleash their base attack and perform a variety of maneuvers, much like a well-trained Moogle.

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Both paths are worthy of pursuit, my fellow adventurers. However, do bear in mind that Classic Mode may result in a slightly slower experience. For those yearning for a more frenetic and heart-pounding combat encounter, we wholeheartedly recommend the Active mode. The choice is yours, brave souls.

Ah, the sweet melodies that grace our ears as we traverse the fantastical realms of Rebirth. But beware, my friends, for depending on your speaker setup, you might find that the music occasionally drowns out certain lines of dialogue, as mischievous as a Tonberry in the night. Alas, Rebirth's audio could benefit from a more harmonious mix (at least, as far as the demo is concerned). Fear not, for I shall now bestow upon you the following audio settings as a delightful baseline, with room for personal adjustment:

Now, let us venture forth, my dear comrades, deep into the enchanting realms of Rebirth. In the bustling town of Nibelheim, where the air is thick with the murmurs of its inhabitants, the Chat Log, which graciously displays any overheard dialogue on the left side of the screen, may become a tad chaotic. If the chat does not serve any accessibility purposes for you, I implore you to toggle it off and reclaim precious screen real estate. Simply venture into theOptions menu, and under the Gameplay section, you shall find the settings for the whimsical "Chat Log." Silence the chatter, and let the beauty of Rebirth unfold before your very eyes.

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Ah, but let us not stop there, my intrepid travelers. In our quest to clear up screen space and enhance our navigation prowess, we are presented with a delightful choice between a "Tracker" and a mesmerizing minimap. Allow me to illuminate your path, my dear friends. In the Gameplay section of the Options menu, you shall discover the elusive World Navigation Display and Location Navigation Display settings. Here, you have the power to choose between a circular minimap, a tiny masterpiece nestled in the upper right corner of the screen, or a horizontal bar that graces the top center of your display, showcasing key objectives in all their glory. The choice is yours, my fellow adventurers, as you embark on this wondrous journey.

Finally, my brave companions, once you have mastered the intricacies of combat and become one with the controls, I beseech you to consider turning off the combat guide. This wise companion, perched on the left-hand side of your screen just above the command menu, dutifully displays all available button commands during combat. However, once you have memorized these sacred commands, it becomes a tad redundant to dedicate such precious screen space to information you already possess. Especially as the guide grows larger when you find yourself accompanied by more than one valiant soul in your party. Embrace the freedom, my friends, and truly immerse yourselves in the dance of combat.

Ah, but there is one more gem to unearth, my curious souls. A setting of utmost importance, yet often overlooked—the Terrain Action Guide. Behold, for Cloud, our valiant hero, possesses the ability to hop and climb certain areas by pressing the sacred circle button. When this delightful guide is activated, a white crescent shall grace the ground before Cloud, guiding his way when faced with obstacles to overcome. Truly a sight to behold, my friends.

And let us not forget the captivating realm of the camera. Within its realm lies the power to adjust its distance during exploration and combat, as well as other settings that determine its whimsical dance following certain actions in battle. Venture forth, my friends, and explore the depths of these camera settings. Tweak them to your heart's desire and find the perfect angle to capture the essence of Rebirth.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, my dear companions, is shaping up to be an exhilarating RPG experience beyond compare. With these mystical settings at your fingertips, you have the power to tailor its presentation and behavior to your liking, and thus, extract the very essence of joy from your time spent with Cloud and his valiant comrades.

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