In the world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, where lightning-fast reflexes meet cunning strategy, the combat system is a thrilling blend of speed and tactics. Whether you're a seasoned player returning from the 2020 Remake or a newcomer diving into the world of modern FF7 for the first time, this guide will help you navigate the exhilarating chaos of Rebirth's combat. Brace yourself for a wild ride as we delve into the heart of this dynamic system, unveiling its hidden layers and empowering you to crush your foes with style.

1: Unleashing Devastation

Welcome to the battlefield of Rebirth, where your objective is to push your enemies into a helpless state known as Stagger. This leaves them vulnerable to your onslaught of attacks, dealing increased damage and ultimately leading to their demise. Simultaneously, you'll guide your characters towards unlocking even more devastating abilities. It's a delicate dance of offense and defense, a high-stakes game where every move counts.

2: From ATB to Synergy

In Rebirth, combat revolves around a resource called the ATB gauge, which charges as you land attacks. With each charge, you gain access to powerful individual abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Some attacks even fill up your Synergy gauge, allowing you to unleash devastating combined assaults with your party members. But beware, as your foes strike back, your Limit Break gauge fills up, granting you access to even more awe-inspiring individual attacks.

3: Dancing Blades and Tactical Brilliance

Picture yourself in the midst of real-time combat, freely moving and launching attacks with the press of a button. Each character possesses their own unique combat abilities that add depth to the system. For instance, Cloud changes his combat stance with a swift triangle press, while R1 allows you to block incoming attacks. It's a dance of blades and tactical brilliance, where the right move at the right time can be the difference between victory and defeat.

4: Synergy Unleashed

Prepare to explore a whole new layer of combat flow with Synergy Skills and Abilities. When you have multiple characters in your party, you can activate Synergy Skills by holding R1 and pressing a corresponding button. These powerful maneuvers don't require any ATB charges and can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Watch as your characters seamlessly combine their strengths to unleash devastating attacks upon your enemies.

5: The Art of Pressure and Stagger

Discover the art of exploiting an enemy's vulnerability by using the Assess command. By identifying their weaknesses, you can put them in a Pressured state, filling their Stagger meter. Once an enemy is Staggered, they become defenseless and receive additional damage, while you fill your Limit Break gauge even further. It's a delicate balance of exploiting weaknesses and enduring the enemy's onslaught.

6: Mastering the Arsenal

To truly command the battlefield, you must familiarize yourself with the vast array of abilities at your disposal. Take a deep dive into the main menu, navigate to the Party section, and explore the full list of ATB Abilities, Spells, and Synergy Skills for each character. Understanding the nuances of your arsenal will give you the strategic edge needed to emerge victorious.

7: Precision Strikes and Tactical Navigation

In the heat of battle, precision and tactical navigation are key. Locking onto enemies allows you to focus your camera on the target and switch between foes effortlessly. Remember to press R3 at the start of combat to lock on and gain an advantage. Additionally, pressing square when you see the red threat reticle upon approaching an enemy grants you a First Strike advantage, catching them off guard.

8: The Dance of ATB Charges

Unleash the full potential of Rebirth's combat system by rapidly switching characters. After deploying an ATB ability, swiftly switch to another character to fill their ATB gauge faster. This perpetual motion keeps the heat on your enemies while ensuring you use the most powerful attacks available. Master the dance of ATB charges, seamlessly transitioning between characters to maintain an unrelenting assault.

9: Shortcuts and Spells on the Fly

Though menu diving is an integral part of combat, you can streamline your actions by utilizing shortcuts. Hold L1 and press a face button to swiftly access Spells and ATB Abilities. Customize these shortcuts in the main menu's Combat Settings to match your preferred playstyle. By doing so, you'll be able to unleash devastating spells and attacks with lightning speed.

10: Cloud's Aerial Symphony

Take to the skies and triumph over pesky flying enemies with Cloud's hidden ranged attack. Utilize this lesser-known technique by pressing circle to dodge, followed swiftly by square. Cloud will unleash beams of energy from his sword, soaring through the air towards your locked-on target. Watch as your enemies plummet from the heavens, overpowered by your aerial symphony of destruction.

With this comprehensive guide, you're now equipped to dominate the battlefield in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. From mastering the art of pressure and stagger to unleashing devastating Synergy Skills, your enemies will tremble before your might. Remember to stay agile, adapt to the ever-changing flow of combat, and make strategic use of your arsenal. May your journey through Rebirth be filled with thrilling battles and triumphant victories!

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