Barbarians. They're the wrecking balls of Baldur's Gate 3, smashing everything in sight and shrugging off death like it's a minor inconvenience. But when it comes to non-combat situations, well, let's just say they struggle a bit. The class is more nuanced in the game than in traditional Dungeons & Dragons, offering Barbarians unique conversation options, albeit not too many.

Now, choosing the ideal Barbarian race can be a tad tricky. Many races grant extra spells as features, but alas, Barbarians can't use any of them while in a raging frenzy. Fear not, though! This list is here to save the day and help you make optimal choices to build your character like a pro.

Let's start with the Halflings. They're not only great in any class, but they also make fantastic Barbarians. Why, you ask? Well, their natural advantage against being Frightened can be quite handy for non-Berserker Barbarians. Plus, the Strongheart Halflings have an extra layer of protection against poisons, which can come in handy (though not worth going on a grand quest for, mind you).

But here's the real star of the show: Halfling Luck. Oh, what a delightful ability! The power to re-roll ones is a glorious gift, especially outside of combat. And guess what? Barbarians make a lot of attack rolls, so you can truly maximize its potential. Lady Luck shall smile upon you!

Now, let's talk about the Deep Gnomes. At first glance, they may not appear to be the natural fit for Barbarians, but they possess one ability that truly shines. Gnome Cunning, my friends, is an absolute gem among all the racial features in Baldur's Gate 3.

Barbarians excel in Strength and Constitution, but their Intelligence, Charisma, and Wisdom are usually lacking. This makes resisting effects that target those stats a challenge. Fear not, for Gnome Cunning comes to the rescue! It grants you extra protection against those pesky conditions like Frightened or Charmed. Trust me, you don't want your Barbarian succumbing to a Dominate Person spell. No, thank you!

Ah, the Dwarves, stalwart defenders and masters of resilience. All Dwarves possess additional defenses against poisons, which perfectly complements the Barbarians' existing defensive capabilities. However, the Duergar Dwarves have a few tricks up their sleeves that might surprise you.

Unlike the Enlarge/Reduce spell, the Duergars' Enlarge ability doesn't require concentration. That means you can rage to your heart's content without losing the benefits of being enlarged. Oh, the extra weapon damage is a delightful bonus! And let's not forget that free Invisibility. Stealth may not be the Barbarians' specialty, but hey, when you need to sneak around, it never hurts to have a little magic up your sleeve.

Now, the Githyanki race doesn't necessarily synergize perfectly with Barbarians, but there's one ability that's just too good to ignore: Astral Knowledge. As a Barbarian, your Strength and Constitution are likely your best abilities, leaving you with few skills to rely on. But fear not! With Astral Knowledge, you gain a bunch of proficiencies in various areas, increasing your versatility immensely. Who says Barbarians can't be well-rounded?

On to the Gold Dwarves, the tankiest of tanks. These hulking warriors don't need any tricks to shine as Barbarians. No, they rely on pure toughness, thanks to their Dwarven Toughness ability. Barbarians already boast more hit points than any other class, and with a high Constitution modifier, they're built to endure. But hey, who doesn't want more survivability? After all, charging recklessly into battle loses its charm if you're instantly squashed.

Now, let's talk about speed. Closing the distance between you and your enemies is vital for a Barbarian, unless you're playing the variant focused on throwing weapons. Fear not, for Barbarians already possess extra movement speed as a class feature, and if you choose the Wildheart subclass, you gain even more mobility abilities. But if you truly aspire to be the Flash, my friend, the Wood Elves have got you covered. Their Fleet of Foot ability grants you the speed you desire. And let's be honest, true Wood Elves are superior to their Half-Elf counterparts because, well, Barbarians rarely have a use for shields. Who needs defense when you can just obliterate everything in your path?

Finally, let's talk about the perfect match made in the Celestial Planes: Half-Orcs and Barbarians. Oh, what a glorious combination! The Half-Orc's racial abilities are fantastic for any martial build, but they synergize exceptionally well with theBarbarian's playstyle. The Barbarian's Reckless Attack ability gives you more chances to roll critical hits, allowing you to take full advantage of Savage Attacks. And let's not forget about Relentless Endurance, which combines with the Barbarian's Relentless Rage feature, granting you multiple opportunities to cheat death. With these abilities in your arsenal, you'll become an unstoppable force of destruction, surpassing even the mightiest of Barbarians.

So there you have it, my fellow adventurers! When it comes to choosing the perfect race for your Barbarian in Baldur's Gate 3, consider the Halflings for their luck, the Deep Gnomes for their cunning, the Duergar Dwarves for their surprising abilities, the Githyanki for their astral knowledge, the Gold Dwarves for their toughness, and the Wood Elves for their fleetness of foot. And of course, never underestimate the power of the Half-Orcs, whose resilience and unyielding fury match that of the mightiest Barbarians.

Now go forth, my friends, and may your Barbarian's path be filled with epic battles, daring adventures, and a touch of humor amidst the chaos. Unleash your fury upon the world, for you are the true embodiment of untamed power!

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