In the realm of crossover spectacles, Destiny 2 continues to impress with its latest announcement. Brace yourselves, my fellow Guardians, for the arrival of armor and items inspired by the iconic Mass Effect series. Bungie's looter shooter is about to get a stellar makeover!

Introducing the Normandy Crew Bundle, a collection that will make any Mass Effect fan's heart skip a beat. Prepare to don the visage of Commander Shepard, as Titans receive the legendary N7 outfit. Hunters, on the other hand, can embrace their inner Garrus with the sleek and stylish Vakarian set. And for our Warlocks, the enigmatic Liara T'Soni serves as the muse for the Shadow Broker set. Click that X in the corner of the image below to witness these marvelous designs in all their glory.

Now, before you empty your pockets, let's talk numbers. While the pricing for these new armor sets remains a mystery, previous crossover ensembles have demanded a hefty sum of 2,000 Silver each—roughly equivalent to $20 of your hard-earned cash. Oh, the sacrifices we make for fashion! But fear not, thrifty Guardians, for there are affordable options as well. The Omni Strike finisher and Flux Dance emote will be available for purchase in Destiny 2's Eververse Store.

But wait, there's more! For those who wish to immerse themselves in the Normandy life without spending a dime, an Alliance Requisition Bundle awaits. This treasure trove includes an Enhanced Defense Ghost Shell, an Alliance Scout Frigate ship, and an Alliance Drop Ship Sparrow. Consider it a gift from the stars to all players, completely free of charge.

Now, I must confess, it's been a while since I've wandered the halls of Destiny 2, so I may not be the hippest Guardian in town (if that's still the lingo these days). However, I must admit that these Mass Effect armor sets leave me somewhat underwhelmed. While the Hunter armor possesses an avian allure and the Titan armor boasts a distinguishing shoulder stripe, the overall design feels disappointingly generic. As for the Warlock armor, I fear it would be a challenge to connect it to Liara without prior knowledge. Perhaps it's the inherent stylistic similarities between Destiny and Mass Effect, or maybe I'm just a casual observer, but these designs fail to evoke that distinct Mass Effect essence.

Now, let's get adventurous! Imagine if Bungie had ventured down a more exotic path. How about some truly Krogan-inspired armor, or a trim and monocular Geth ensemble? Quarians would make splendid Warlocks, don't you think? And for our Titans, well, feast your eyes on this:

Picture it—a visor adorned with a funky eye, and you're ready to conquer the universe!

But hey, to each their own. If you're a devout Mass Effect fan who also happens to be a Destiny 2 player, these new outfits will likely be a perfect match for your intergalactic adventures. Mark your calendars, for this fusion of franchises will go live in the game on February 13th. Prepare to embody the spirit of Shepard, Liara, or Garrus as you traverse the stars in style. Destiny awaits, my friends!

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