In the vast and whimsical world of Magic: The Gathering (MTG), where creativity runs wild and fan-generated wonders abound, it's sometimes hard to distinguish between official game content and the fan-driven phenomena. Formats like Commander have risen from curious offshoots to claim center stage in the game, while other seemingly official aspects of Magic remain uncodified within the game itself. One such long-standing phenomenon is the term 'vanilla' used to describe creatures without any abilities.

For the majority of MTG's existence, vanilla creatures were a staple in every set, dependable in their simplicity. But it may come as a shock to discover that the term 'vanilla' was never officially used within the game. That is, until a recent revelation in the form of a Secret Lair that has changed the game for good.

Enter "Just Add Milk," a beloved addition to MTG's Secret Lair lineup. This extraordinary set not only brought powerful reprints but also transformed iconic MTG creatures into cereal mascots. Yes, you read that right—cereal mascots! Secret Lairs often thrive on crossover potential and niche appeal, but "Just Add Milk" triumphs with its sheer creativity.

The overwhelming popularity of "Secret Lair: Just Add Milk" led to its highly anticipated sequel, "Just Add Milk: Second Helpings," released as part of the 2024 winter Secret Lair Superdrop. This time, the spotlight shines on Yargle, Glutton of Urborg, a ravenous creature that truly deserves a place of honor in this delectable extravaganza.

Yargle's new design in "Just Add Milk" pays homage to its vanilla status. The card proudly boasts the words 'No Keywords, no abilities' right beside Yargle's power and toughness. It's a sly nod to the creature's vanilla nature, and MTG enthusiasts were quick to notice this clever detail. However, eagle-eyed fans on Reddit, led by the astute user eroomchris, were keen to remind everyone that Yargle isn't technically the first card to feature 'vanilla.' Throne of Eldraine's Gingerbrute and Unfinity's Icing Manipulator had already brought the term into the game, albeit in a flavor text sense, referring to the baking ingredient itself. Still, the fact that "Just Add Milk: Second Helpings" employs 'vanilla' both as a fan term reference and an official designation is a breakthrough moment.

With this double-meaning, "Just Add Milk: Second Helpings" marks the first time 'vanilla' has been officially used in MTG to represent creatures without any abilities. While the term has been commonplace in Magic and the wider TCG realm for years, seeing it embraced officially brings an unexpected delight to players and collectors alike.

So, grab your spoons and bowls, my fellow planeswalkers, and prepare to savor the sweet taste of "Just Add Milk: Second Helpings." Indulge in the enchantment of vanilla creatures, where simplicity becomes an art form and the absence of abilities is a statement in itself. Magic's culinary adventure continues to surprise and delight, leaving us craving for more.

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